Very Merry

It's hard to believe that we have had snow on the ground for more than 2 weeks now! Maybe the best part of the snow, for me, is how it feels like a soft, graceful blanket that forces everyone to slow down. Quite an accomplishment, even for a force of nature, during the holidays! We have been enjoying some sledding, especially Kyle who blazes down the hill in a flash but then enjoys being pulled back up. Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly more difficult for Kyle to walk on his own and when you add a little ice and snow to the mix, a ride in a sled is a welcome event. 

Even with is new challenges, Kyle has talked endlessly about going skiing at Mt. Baker. A few weeks ago I received a call inviting us for a day of skiing, or at least a couple of runs, even though the mountain hadn't had enough snow to open. We planned a day to head up with Gil, Kim, and Campbell Lund, but of course the snow started to fall about 36 hours before our outing. We were determined to go anyway, but when we woke up on that Monday morning it was a balmy 4 degrees on the hill...and that was before wind chill! So we scrapped our plans and hoped we could find another opportunity for the adventure. We woke up on December 23rd and decided that was the day.... The video below tells the rest:
The boys traveled to Seattle with their dad and Cara on the 24th to celebrate with Cara's family. The highlight from Santa was a new hamster, Freddie, a 7 week old, orange and white furry friend. I picked up the boys on Christmas morning and we went to my parent's house. Kyle was excited to find a rock polisher under the tree and Nicolas was spoiled by his grammie and grampie with his very own iPod. Christmas night my extended family came for dinner at my parents (the boys call it the "big Christmas party"). Everyone made their way despite the bad roads and threat of more snow. It was a wonderful night.

We were greeted by crates and boxes of mail when we returned home. Red Robin corporation has sent us cards from restaurants across the country, we have received cards from Texas, Arkansas, Deleware, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada; from classes of school children in California, Arizona, and all over Washington; from Mayors and Senators, from grandparents of people we know and people we have never met. The cards are filled with good wishes and prayers and some funny jokes, too! Thank you to everyone who took the time to drop a card in the mail to Nicolas and Kyle. We feel surrounded by love and support and are thankful for the kindness. 

We hope you enjoy the last days of 2008. It has been a year full of exciting adventures as well as new struggles. We are grateful for each moment we share and each memory we make. Each day is a gift, each smile and laugh is a joy, each morning kiss is a cause for hope. 


Anonymous said...

Kylie Wylie!

I was so impressed by your skiing! You did such a great job! I'm glad that you had a good Christmas, it sounded like a lot of fun. Hope you have a Happy Happy New Year! I love you!!!


Amy said...

Kyle - Way to go on the slopes! You make me totally jealous as I have not been up once this year even though I have some new skis and boats. I had to hang up the snowboard to keep up with Hayden.

I betcha didn't know that Gywn was Hayden's Dads High School Senior Prom date. Glad you got to ride on the cool snow equipment.

Amy Terrell

baker said...

you looked great skiing! hope you and nicholas hd a great christmas!


baker said...

i also wanted to say that i have just recieved one of your t-shirts! and a wrist band, to. i am also going to tr to wear it as often as i can.



Haisch said...

You are an ultimate fighter! Your plan of attack worked on Nick, Benj and Alex on Christmas Eve and you got'em good! They want a rematch!! You are gnarly!
Awesome job skiing Dude!
Much Love
The Stinky Boys : ) !!

PHDavis said...

Hey buddy,
Today Andrea and I picked up a LOAD of mail that this really awesome lady collected at her work. She is Brynn's aunt. Do you remember Brynn from Happy Valley? She was in class with Shane in kindergarten. Anyway, a while ago her aunt put the word out that you like getting cards (I think it was even before the article in the paper). She collected two big boxes. She said that you are a hero to a lot of people because of your awesome determination and spirit!!

We love you guys!

Anonymous said...


you continue to amaze all of us - seeing
you ski makes my heart smile - keep up
your great efforts. We all love you and
Nicolas and your wonderful parents.

L said...


You looked so awesome skiing! I can't wait to show Pickles how to ski. Maybe next time you see her you can show her some of her moves?

Leslie and Pickles

casey said...

Hey Kyle and Nicolas,

I just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year! I saw your Mama today and I talked to her about coming over next week to bring you your Christmas presents we have for you two! She also told me you guys had a special visitor this week, Jake! That is soooo cool, I will have to tell my Kyle, you know he will be jealous.
Kyle, I love your skiing video, you did awesome! I am glad you guys had an amazing Christmas and I am really glad that your new hamster is at your Dad's house, the cleaning lady doesn't care for those creatures!! haha!

Cheers to you!
Love, Casey and Family

Tiffany and Carson said...

Kyle and Nicolas,

Happy New Year! I can't wait to see you both again at school on Monday. This seems like a really lllllooooonnnnngggg break. Too long to be away from some of my most favorite people. We think you are both amazing. May this next year be full of many blessings and many more adventures. We love you both and think you are amazing kiddos. You both have a great sense of humor.

Kyle, I loved seeing you ski down that mountain...I have never done that myself. Maybe you could give me some lessons.

Nicolas, I can't wait to see what you come up with for your book project...I had to put that one in there. :) Tell your parents we say hello.

Stay strong and keep up the fight. You are awesome!

Tiffany and Carson

Carrie said...

LOVED the video! You are something else Kyle!! WAY - TO - GO!!!!

Wishing lots of good things for you and your family in 2009!!!

(for the whole Chute family)

Anonymous said...


Great skiing! Suzy and I wish we could ski that well!

We enjoyed watching your Christmas party with Nicolas and your friends.

Be sure to give your Mom and brother a very big hug for us.

We love you all,

Alan & Suzy Roberts

Anne-Marie said...

Kyle -

You're such a rockstar! I can't believe how great you did on the slopes - and then getting to ride in a snowplow thing-y? That looked like a lot of fun.

Happy New Year!

Love, Chris & Anne-Marie

Rachel Myers said...

Awesome video! Kyle - you are really at home on the slopes! Thanks for sharing the day with all of us in the blogosphere!' Happy New Year to you and the whole family.

Much love,

Marnie Hansen said...


Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!!! Here's to many more adventures and memories in 2009.

It sounds like you have received hundreds of cards. We will be sending another one soon!

You are so amazing and so is your family. Give your mom a very big hug from us and know that we think you are awesome!!


Marnie, Tony, Colby and Mac Hansen

P.S. You are something on the slopes!!

Marnie Hansen said...


We are so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!! Here's to many more adventures and memories in 2009!

It sounds like you have received hundreds of cards. We will send you another one soon.

You are such an awesome kid and your family is amazing. Give your mom a hug from us and keep up the fight!


Marnie, Tony, Colby and Mac Hansen

P.S. You are something else on the slopes!! :)

Anonymous said...


I hope that your tummy doesn't hurt after eating all those marshmallows yesterday! And that you guys had lots of fun at Jalapenos. I'm so glad that I got to see you! Love you lots!


Greg Johns said...

Hope you and Nicolas had a great Christmas! Skiiing looked awesome. And the snow just keeps coming!
Have fun going back to school. If you go to any Husky basketball games this year, let me know and I'll come say hi! I think of you guys often!


Lunchlady Malory said...

Hey Fellas!
WOW am I jealous! The powder looked awesome up at Baker! You were pretty darn good on those little skis there Kyle! I haven't made it up to Baker yet- soon though. We were spoiled in town with loads of the freshy snow too. We played around town and strapped our boards to our backpacks and hit the good hills. We built a few kickers and had fun on some box rails. I want to get Dylan going on the terrain too- he loves the snow. Maybe one day we can meet up at Baker and you can show him some of your moves.
I love seeing you guys everyday and adore the friendships I've built with you. Keep up those dukes Kyle and we all have your back.
See you at lunch
Love and Smiles

Carson said...

Hi Kyle,

I am glad that I saw you at school today. I hope your check up goes well tomorrow. I will miss you when you are not at school. I can't wait for your birthday. I am glad we are friends.


Anonymous said...

Kyle - Wow you are a fantastic skier! Sounds like you had a great Christmas surrounded by many people who love you.

You are in my prayers.

God Bless

PHDavis said...

Hey Buddy,

We noticed that the Christmas lights are still up on your house. Ours are still up, too. But they aren't really Christmas lights any more - they are BIRTHDAY lights!!! We think we should celebrate your birthday for at least a couple of weeks. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Big hugs from all of us!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

haleyl25 said...

Hey there Kylie-Wylie,

I can't believe you are going to be 8 on the 17th. It seems like just yesterday when we visited you, Nicolas and your mom in the hospital. You were just the sweetest and most content little guy right out of the shute! Some things just never change :)Nicolas thought it was fun to pop the binkies (the big hospital ones) out of your mouth and Cali's, too! I just wanted to share that fun memory with you and we are sending our good thoughts and prayers your way every day. I can't wait to hear the grand total of cards you have received - is it really 5000?? I bet you counted them all with your super math skills!

Warm wishes to you and your family,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

Casey said...

Christin, Kyle and Nicolas,

We just wanted to say hello and let you know that it made our day to see you guys today! You are all so very special and you just brighten our world. Kyle, We were so glad that you were ready to get up from your nap and play Mario Kart with Kyle and Kaitlyn, they loved playing with you!

We are also glad that you liked your new blankets! They were a lot of fun to make for such special boys and we know they will help keep you warm and cozy! You can also think of the "Huskies and Jake" when you use them!!

Kyle, You had a lot of fans over helping make that special ramp for you today. You could tell how proud they all were being there to help you out and be a part of doing something so special. You are one loved little boy!

Have fun at your party tomorrow and we will see you again, soon.

Thumbs up to you buddy!

Lots of love to you all,
Casey, Jim, Kyle and Kaitlyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

I just keep thinking about you and what an amazing kid you are. Nicolas too! How lucky am I that my son gets to be friends with you and I get to have Nicolas in my class.

We are so excited to see you tomorrow. We can't wait! We love you and believe in you. Carson and I say extra prayers for you every night.


Megan H. said...

Hi Kyle
I missed you at school on Friday.
it was fun at your b-day Party
megan h.

Carson said...

Dear Kyle,
I hope you will be at school tomorrow. But if not, I will miss you. The whole class missed you today. I am glad that you are my friend.
Love Carson

My mom says hi too!

Emily said...

HI KYLE!how are you feeling.
I am glad we are back in school
are you?We are makeing mobiles
at school.It was fun.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Skiing! What a fun day! Kyle, you and your family are so awesome!
Even though we've never met, you inspire me every day!
Happy Birthday too! eight is great!
Sending lots of heart-POWA to you guys every day.