We've been busy the last few weeks. Kyle and Nicolas' grandparents came from Quebec for a visit, we celebrated Thanksgiving, cut down Christmas trees (we loved the new tree farm we found thanks to our new friends at the Kelly Road Tree Farm), dressed up the house inside and out with lights and decorations, and that is just the start of the list! 

Our friends, Dan and Wendy, arranged for the boys to spend an amazing day at a Seahawks game. Dan's dad Tracy took great care of us, giving Kyle a shoulder ride everywhere we went and making sure the boys felt spoiled. Dan's uncle made it possible for us to go out on the field before the game where the boys were able to pet the real hawk, take a photo with the mascot hawk, and Kyle even caught a threw a pass to one of the players! Then we rode in the press elevator and found our seats in a beautiful suite. Dan's uncle Todd had left goodie bags on the boys' seats with bright green gloves, scarves, #12 towel, and jerseys (which of course they wore to school the next day). While the Hawks may have lost the game in the last 3 minutes, we had lots to cheer about, and not just the buffet with bowls of gummy bears!

Nicolas and Kyle chill out in the Seahawks' suite!

Last Friday night we had well wishers come to the house and fill the remaining outside trees and shrubs with lights. It is now truly "Griswald" as I can't turn on the tv's or light the Christmas trees inside while all the lights and inflatable decorations are lit outside without blowing a fuse! When Nicolas saw the house for the first time he shouted, "Oh my gosh, my mom turned our yard into a party!" That is exactly the look I was hoping for.

The weekend turned to winter when it started to snow. There was probably only half an inch on the ground and we were out trying to sled. By Sunday the neighborhood was a winter wonderland! We had to find a way to make it to Santa Brunch (I'm not keen on driving in the snow) and our friend Paul offered to be our taxi driver. Kyle had been looking forward to brunch for a month. He and his best friend Campbell were sitting at their own table, no grown-ups! Campbell's dad, Gil, captured the day for us but if you decide to watch, grab a tissue box, the video is wonderful...

Santa Brunch 2008 from Gil Lund on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen the Bellingham Herald today, click here to read a story highlighting the holiday spirit being sent our way. The story details the out pouring of holiday wishes filling our mailbox. Each day we drive straight to the mailbox on our way home from school to see if there is any mail for Kyle and Nicolas. When a few of the people I am friends with through work heard how they like receiving cards they put the word out. Now we read notes of encouragement, hope and well wishes from across the city, state, even the Canadian border!

The snow has given us an early start to winter break, we are looking forward to all the joys of the holidays. Thank you for your continued prayers, good wishes, and support. Thank you to everyone who has brought us a meal, sent a card, written a comment or sent an email. The spirit of Christmas has filled our home, we hope it has filled yours too.


Melissa said...

What a fabulous video! You were right about needing a kleenex.
Kyle and Campbell look like they had a great Santa Brunch date.
And both Nicolas and Kyle looked so handsome.

Love you!

Chaos and love said...

What fun! Hi Kyle. I am carrie Brown and I work at Happy Valley! I met you last year when I hung out on the playground with Mrs Chue. I work with a boy in Mr. Selleriets 5th grade class this year. Everyone at Happy Valley loves you very much. They enjoyed the picture of you and your friend Erik. I wear my Kyle's got the powa shirt on Fridays mostly. I just started reading your blog. I look forward to reading many more happy posts. Have a wonderful winter break!

Anonymous said...

Kylie and Kola,

It is so cool that you guys were able to go to the Seahawks game. I wish I had known you were there because Seth and I were there too! I would have been looking for you down on the field catching passes! That's so awesome.

I read your article in the paper about the Christmas cards...look out for mine!

Have a very Merry Christmas! I'll come over soon and play some games. Love you both!


Julie Lund said...

What a wonderful video Kyle!! We think about you every day!!! I read your blog all the time. I heard you guys got LOTs of dessert at the brunch- YUMMY!! Looks like you had tons of fun.
Have a wonderful Christmas!!
Love Julie and Erik
(Campbell's aunt and uncle)

Anne-Marie said...

That is a great video! A big thanks to Gil for putting it together. I've stopped and started it a few times to stem the tears since I'm at work (and no one likes to see the boss cry). =)

The 'Hawks game sounds awesome!

Tina Allsop said...

Kylie-You and Campbell looked like you had a perfect time at brunch. How grown up you both looked. It was really fun seeing you at your house last weekend. Merry, merry Christmas to you all. Love-Tina

Sarah said...


Good evening! I just read of you in the Bellingham Herald online after a friend sent me the link and told me I just had to "send a card!"

I would love to and hopefully the snowy weather won't hold it up too long. I have some other friends who might be interested in sending some love as well.

Kyle, my name is Sarah Antonelli. I live in Seattle and work for Seattle Goodwill. I'm 24 and go to school, just like you! But, I go at night, ugh! :)

I also watched your Santa Brunch video. Looks like you, your brother, some friends, and family had a really great time! I'm enjoying this holiday season as well. I've been baking lots of cookies for my coworkers.

I look forward to learning more about you and promise to pray for you and your family every day!!! The God I serve is a GREAT God and he loves children VERY much. He hears our prayers and answers them.


Sarah Antonelli

baker said...

hey, kyle.

i have just finished reading your blog, and it looked really fun at the seahawks game!


kylie's got the powa!


Dane Faris said...

HI Kyle and Nicolas, were going to come see your awesome house soon-before Christmas. Loving the snow but bummed that we missed our Thursday seeing you both. We had a great time looking at all of the cards on Tuesday. Of course, it was nice to open the paper and see you both on the FRONT page-I think I need your autographs. We will catch you this week. Lots of love, Sam, Dane, Ken, and Huddy.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you Kyle! You do not know me, nor do I know you. But, we used to live in your neighborhood and my kids went to Happy Valley (the best school we've ever been to!). We heard about your story from Mrs. Amy Roselli, a teacher at Happy Valley. My daughter was in her class in 2nd grade and we loved her so much we've kept in contact with her while we now live in St. Louis, MO. That is pretty far from you but we hope to move back to Bellingham soon. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and just know that with so much support and love you have, you will fight this and grow up to be one happy boy making everyone smile with joy. Have a SUPER Christmas.
Carol Miller

carson Gutierrez said...

Hi Kyle,
I really liked your video with Campbell. You are pretty cute together. I liked your secret hand shake, although I don't think it is a secret anymore. :) I hope you and Nicolas are having fun in the snow.

PHDavis said...

Hi Kyle and Nicolas,

I love seeing your awesome house. I like the Griswaldie blow-up decorations. I love you guys so much. I want to see you when you get back to your mom's.


Kelli Tolf said...

Kyle, Nicolas and Christin,

OK, your Santa breakfast looked awesome! That was a definite 'thumbs up' in my book! :) I have been meaning to stop by to open more Christmas cards but the snow has definitely put a kink in my travel plans! The Tolfs send much love to all of you and will see you soon! Many hugs!
Love Kelli, Jamie, Mallory and Hannah

Lukey's Mommy said...

Hi Kyle! I sent you a Christmas card on Friday but you do not know me. My sister came across your story in an online newspaper! She lives in Wisconsin and I live in Kentuky. We grew up in Virginia. Those places are all so far away from you! I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I are praying for you and your recovery. You are loved by so many people but most importantly, by God. He made you and He has you in the palm of His hand, always! I'm going to keep reading your blog so that you can encourage me through your life! You're a strong little man!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great story in the Bellingham Herald! I'm so glad you guys are getting lots of cards. How great! We were excited to send you one late last week. Thanks for sharing this video too. I'm at work so I'll watch it later when I'm at home especially since I'll need a little kleenex.

I read your blog often and though I've never met you--I sure feel so inspired by you and your family. We are thinking of you and sending you lots of prayers. Enjoy the snow!


Bailey said...

Hey Kyle! My name is Bailey and im 14 and i just want you to know that i have never met you but i heard about your story on a website called polyvore and i would like you to see all of the messages people have been sending to you.http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?all_comments=1&id=5218066

i hope you and your family have a very merry christmas, you seem like awesome people and i wish there was somway i could help. Merry christmas again,


Tiffany Gutierrez said...

Hi Kyle and Nicolas,

I wanted to wish you both a very Merry Christmas! I love you both so very much. Take good care of each other and give your mama a big hug from me. We are saying extra special holiday prayers for you this Christmas. Hopefully we can stop by for a post holiday visit. I miss you both lots.


Carson and Hailey wish you a very merry Christmas too! We all think your family is pretty amazing.

haleyl25 said...

Hey there Kyle!

I watched both of your videos this morning and you continue to amaze me! That was some serious skiing you were doing up at Baker. What a fun day that was I bet. Your plate of food made me hungry for Country Club buffet! So glad to watch your movies - you made my day!:) I'm sure Santa brought you and Nicolas some good stuff this year and we hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Our love and prayers,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

PHDavis said...

I just watched the video of you at Mt. Baker. Oh...my...gosh! You SO rock, Kyle! You are absolutely THE MOST DETERMINED kid I have ever met. Okay, I know that is a lot of capital letters, but seriously, you are amazing. I wish I could ski like that. I just break bones when I try, right? I think the snow mobile and the cat are more my skill level.

We hope that you had a great Christmas.

We can't wait for you to be back at your mom's. Can you believe all that mail that you got??? Andrea looked at it and then begged me to get a letter opener : ) !

See you soon! WE LOVE YOU!

Rob said...

Kyle, I read and see your family is trying to cheer you up and am thankful for the prayers you have received. I want to encourage you to open the Word of God everyday even if it's a very small amount, amazing things can happen in your life if you and I do things God's way. You take care with much Love.

Anonymous said...


You dont know me, but your teacher Mrs Roselli is my cousin. She sent our family an email about you and I just wanted to respond. I think you have an amazing amount of courage and you sound like a great kid. Please know that family in Oregon and Washington are praying for you and know that God has great things planned for you.