A trip down memory lane...

September, 2007, 
Kyle was the "Lucky Dawg" when the Huskies played Ohio State

As I was looking through the archives of this site I found myself reading the first post about Kyle. I realized many new friends and supporters from his new school and elsewhere didn't have the opportunity to know Kyle before we learned about his "brain bump." I hope reading this first post helps illustrate how Kyle continues to defy statistics in his fight against DIPG. If you are new to Kyle's story you can catch up on his journey through the links to archived posts in the column on the right side of this page. From his first days of radiation, to his Make-a-Wish trip, through first grade and now into second, Kyle's determination and joy for life inspires me every day. I hope as you learn about him you will be inspired too.

February, 2007....

Those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Kyle, already know without a doubt what an amazing kid he is. But for those of you who have not yet had the privilege of meeting Mr. Kylie-Wylie, here's a little info:

First off, Kyle attends two schools! He spends his mornings at the Cottage School with his teachers Amy and Allison. He then makes his way to Afternoon Kindergarten at Happy Valley Elementary with Mrs. DeJong. Kyle has many friends at both schools. He is as smart as a whip and might have a future in banking, given that one of his favorite pastimes is counting money!

Kyle is an excellent athlete. If he decides not to become a banker, we expect to see him on ESPN in the X Games or in a Husky Football uniform. He loves to ride horses, swim, ski, ride his BMX bike, play soccer and basketball. When not on the field, slopes, court, or in the pool, Kyle can be found playing games - especially monopoly. He has 3 different monopoly games - regular, Star Wars, and Spongebob! He also enjoys Monkey Snowboard on the Wii.

Other attributes that make Kylie special: He loves ice cream sundaes with extra cherries. He likes to make up songs. He likes to sneak into his mama's bed in the middle of the night. And he loves to paint his toenails. Right now they are bright pink!

Kyle is such an outstanding kid and has made an marked impact on so many people in our community; please feel free to refer others to this blog. Only good can come from having more people cheering Kyle on! Ooo-um-gow-ah! Kylie's got the powa!


Carson said...

Hi Kyle,
It was really fun being your buddy today. Do you like the elevator? I kinda think it is really fun. Do you want a playdate sometime soon? I'll have my mom call your mom. I really like the picture of you at the husky game. Have you been to any football games this season? You are one of my best friends ever.
Your Friend,

Room 25 Friends said...

Hi Kyle,

Today we learned about your brain bump. We think you are an incredible kid. We are glad that you are in our buddy class. We hope that you are doing well. We are so impressed that you are such a strong fighter. You are smart, funny, athletic, and kind to others. We are so glad to have you as our friend.

You have got the powa, Kylie!

Love your room 25 buddies!

Mrs. Binkley said...

Hi Kyle,
I told your mom about the time that you told me that you were impressed with how quiet my class was walking through the halls. The kindergarteners felt very proud after your compliment. Here's a compliment to you - We are all so inspired and impressed by your courage and your strength.
Have a fun weekend! XOXO Mrs. Binkley

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-
I loved seeing the picture of you from the Husky game. I have so many funny, sweet, and wonderful memories of you in Room 1 at Happy Valley. Just the other day I was watching the DVD we made when we had "Kylie T-shirt Day" in our class. I feel so lucky that I have had the chance to call you my friend for over 2 years now. I continue to be impressed by your courage, your incredible sense of humor, and your determination. I know how hard you are fighting your brain bump everyday, and I want you to know that all of your friends at Happy Valley are still right here cheering you on.

I am going to email my friend Mrs. Fleenor and see if she will let me come to your class for a visit sometime soon. I would love to see you, and Erik, and Carson...and all of my other former Happy Valley kiddos.

I miss seeing you each day, hearing your funny stories, and giving you a big hug! I hope to see you very soon.

Love you lots!!!!

Mrs. DeJong

tracy c davis said...

hey kyle,

just sending you some love and hugs from portland. we miss you and think about you everyday. lots of love to you, nicolas, your momma and your papa.


tracy, brady, sage and skye

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kyle (and to your Mom, Dad and brother too!),

That's a pretty sweet picture of you on the blog today. You are such a funny little athlete.

Do you remember when I took care of you and your brother? You both took off tearing down the street on your bikes with training wheels and I ran after you on foot for dear life? I kept thinking "Their mom is going to KILL ME if something happens." When I finally caught up to you at the end of the alley, you both just looked at me like, "Hey, crazy lady, what's the big deal? We're fine."

I can't wait to see you all for the holidays.

XXOO - Anne-Marie & Chris

joelle said...

Hi Kyle,
It has been too long since I have seen you and Nicolas and your mom! I have some dice that are not getting any use around here - wish you could all come to play your crazy game with me again! I think about you all the time and think you are so brave. Keep fighting - we are sending you all our strength!

love, joelle, stephen and jack

Tiffany said...

Hi Kyle,

It is so amazing to look back at some of your pictures from over a year ago. Carson and I were looking at this one of you getting to be the "Lucky Dawg" and it brought back a lot of fun memories for Carson. He was retelling me about the first time you two met. Apparently it was at the bathroom at Happy Valley, must have been sometime the first week of school because you hadn't gone to this game yet. Carson was wearing your Kylie shirt and you noticed him in it. I even think you both ended up playing together at recess that day. I remember him coming home so excited because he had made a new friend that day. Even though he had just met you for the first time that day, he had already been praying for you literally every night for at least six months before this.

We have lots of great memories of playing with you. We are excited to contiue making even more. We love you kiddo and are so happy that you (your mama, your papa and Nicolas too) are in our lives.

I wish that you could have heard how Nicolas was talking about you to our class the other day. You would have been so proud. He is such an amazing big brother. You are both so lucky to have such a close relationship. Everyone in our class could feel how much he cares about and loves you! Don't tell him I said that, he might not like me giving so many details.

Much love to you and your family!

Casey said...

Hey Kyle and Nicolas,
We just wanted to let you guys know that we have been thinking about you! We need to have another get together very soon. I know that "Big" Kyle would love to play Ncaa Football 09 with you two! And I am sure that Kaitlyn wouldn't mind either!! I LOVE the new picture of you two with your Mama, it is awesome! Kyle, we will be thinking about you on Wednesday. I may see your Mama before she leaves to head to Seattle with you, and if I do, I am going to give her a big hug to give to you for me, okay, so make sure you get it from her!
See you guys soon.
Love, Casey, Jim, Kyle and Kaitlyn