It's that time again

Kyle and Campbell hug on horseback at 
Progressive Riding Academy horse camp, July 2007.

Wednesday, November 19th, is Kyle's next MRI. We have a full day at Children's with the MRI at 11:45, a visit with neurosurgery to adjust his shunt valve after exposure to the MRI machine at 2:00, and his appointment with Dr. Olson at 3:45. If things appear stable his next round of chemo starts after that. 

If you have a 'Kylie' shirt please wear it Wednesday. Even though we won't see them on friends at King Elementary, or Happy Valley, or on his supporters all over Bellingham and beyond, Kyle will be uplifted knowing people are thinking of him and cheering him on.  If you don't have a 'Kylie' shirt yet but would like one send an email to us at kylerogerfund@hotmail.com and we will be happy to get it ordered for you. 

Any good thoughts or prayers you can send Kyle's way we will take them with open hearts and tremendous gratitude. 

Kylie's got the POWA


Anonymous said...

I'll be wearing mine and saying lots
of prayers. keeping the good thoughts for
all of you.

PHDavis said...

We will definitely be wearing our shirts on Wednesday. Shane can't wear his to school since he has a uniform, but he can wear it after school and he can definitely have his whole class pray for you Wednesday morning! We will all pray for you.

I bet everyone at Children's is looking forward to seeing you. You are such an awesome and strong kid, and you always put a smile on our faces!

Anonymous said...

the lund crew will be wearing them for sure and thinking good thoughts for tomorrow!!

ps - campbell did a little shopping for a sweet dress for the santa brunch...

Rachel Myers said...

I will wear my shirt tomorrow and think good thoughts for all of you all day long. Kyle, I was really inspired reading about how determined you were to run at the fundraiser at your school. I hope you know that everyone is so proud of your courage, strength and determination. My guess is that no one has ever fought a brain bump as bravely as you! Good luck at the MRI tomorrow. Hugs and kisses to all of you!


Amy said...

Hi Kyle,
We'll be wearing our shirts tomorrow over at Silver Beach and thinking of you. Well make sure to have some extra special prayers for you as well. As you can see all our prayers have been going to you and not the huskies or the seahawks!!! Tell your Mom go for me!!

Amy, Shannon, hayden and Fischer terrell

Anne-Marie said...

I'll be wearing my shirt tomorrow for you AND thinking good thoughts for you and your whole family.

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-
Mr. DeJong will be wearing his shirt to work tomorrow and I will be wearing mine at Happy Valley. We are thinking good thoughts for you. Stay strong, Kyle!
Mrs. DeJong

PHDavis said...

Hi again. I am in Shane's class right now and the class wants you to know that they are all praying for you - in Mass, in class, and at home. They all say hello, and that they are cheering you on! Isn't it cool that you have friends that you've never even met?

We love you!

Anonymous said...

I just recently started following Kylie's journey; he's an amazing young man and certainly will have my prayers added to those already being said. In fact, I'll be saying extra prayers come Wednesday.

Good luck with the MRI and just remember - you've got the powa!

Take good care and God Bless,
C.O.L.E. (Caring Openly, Loving Eternally) Prayer Team
Carla Hood
thepetitionsite.com/1/CureChildhood Cancer

Anonymous said...

My blue Kylie shirt has been laid out for
tomorrow. I will think of the Roger family
all day sending many prayers. Christin thank you
for your wonderful diary - it is a wonderful
view of all you are going through - a small
view to your heart. Thinking of you all....

Megan Hall said...

Hi Kyle -
I had fun being your buddy last week. I like it when I get to play with you at recess time. We will miss you at school tomorrow. I will be wearing my new "OOO-UM-GOW-AH! Kylie's Got the POWA!" shirt and cheering for you!
Your Friend,
Megan H.
P.S. I hope you have a good time at the doctor's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

The Gutierrez family will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow for sure! We love you always. Cute picture of you and Campbell.

Tiffany, Jon, Carson and Hailey

Anonymous said...

We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending out lots of prayers! You are an amazing boy with such a wonderful family. Thank you for your updates and sharing your stories.

joelle said...

OOO-UM GOW-AH! We are praying for you tomorrow. You've got the POWA!

love you all,

nmgeary said...

I'll be thinking about you and your family tomorrow Kyle! I had a great time with you on Saturday - you have to be the fastest money counter I have ever seen! I'm so glad we got to hang out.

Good thoughts headed your way....


tracy c davis said...


i did a special load of laundry today so we could have clean ooo um gow ah tshirts for tomorrow. we're sending tons of positive energy your way - lots of peace, strength and love to you, cola, your mama and your papa.
we love you kylie,
tracy, brady, sage & skye

Heather Adams said...

Our hearts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. I have 2 sick kids at home tonight or I'd be there tomorrow. You always fill us with hope and grace. Smile big for the camera Kyle.
Mara's mom, Heather

Kayley Westra said...

We really need to get t-shirts! We will all be wearing our bracelets and thinking and praying for you. OXXO
-The Westras

Casey said...

You know that I will be wearing my shirt today! I will be thinking of you all.

Lots of Love,

Carrie said...

The Chutes will be praying for you.
-Carrie (for the whole family)

Anonymous said...

I've never even met you but I am sending you lots of strength and love today all days! May the force be with you. OOO-UM-GOW-AH you got the powa!

Cindy said...

Hey Kyle, I just checked the web site today and will go grab our shirts! You have been in our thoughts and certainly will be today. Good luck with your MRI. We're sending you lots of love and strength. Cindy, Mark, Zach & Taryn

Buddy Class said...

Hi Kyle,

Your buddy class wanted to send you a note of encouragement today. We all think that you are one tough, smart kiddo. Keep fighting and staying strong. We all care so much about you.

Your room 25 friends

haleyl25 said...

Hi Kyle,

Ava and I are at the computer today (right at 11:45 -what do you know?) reading your blog and singing "ooo-um-gow-ah"! I think of what an inspiration you are and we all are praying for you today and will be wearing our Kyle shirts. Ava's message is "I love you, Kyle, and I hope you are feeling better today". I hope you are getting some good time in on that neat bike of yours. I know you'll give them your best down there today at Children's.

Many good thoughts and prayers to you and your family,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

carson said...

Hi Kyle,

I missed you today at school. I hope you did good on your MRI today. I know you can fight your brain bump. You are one of my best friends. I hope you are at school tomorrow. I want to have a play date some time soon.

Your friend,

Dana Hope said...


I can't figure out how to get in touch with you privately so I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU. I have loved reading your diary. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, vulnerable heart as you search for peace and comfort during such an unsure time.
My heart is with you and the boys every day and I am so proud of you and the amazing mom you are to them.
I know you are heading home by now but I will ask God to make my prayers retroactive to this morning.

All my love,

The Scent Lady said...

Hi Kyle,
Was just reading about you needing to have your shunt valve adjusted after your MRI. (Read about you on Anne-Marie's blog.) My husband can totally relate. He has a programmable shunt too! Our friend Michael is the first person in the United States to get a programmable shunt back in 1992. Michael is now 18. We're rooting for you!

clockwork said...

Hi Christin, I've been following Kylie's endurance and developments over the past 2 years, as have a number of my friends with whom I have been in contact about Kyle and your funding campaigns and news. I remember him so well 5+ yrs ago as a great and spirited kid; indeed a post-toddler with tons and tons of energy. As well as some pretty great smiles!

Christin, you have incredible stamina and are an incredibly strong and supportive Mom, and your relentless PR work for Kylie has been absolutely beyond remarkable. Kyle is so fortunate to have such a strong and devoted Mom. I don't know what else I can say, other than to mention that he is in my mind frequently, and I do pray for him as well. I understand realistically that it would take a miracle to make the condition disappear. In the meantime, your boundless energy combined with your 'leaving no stone un-turned' positive attitude could be described as nothing less than wonderful. Kylie could not have been more fortunate than to have been born to a very special Mom, and a loving family. I hope that you are otherwise well. Nicolas too. With thoughts, prayers, and with love, Peter D