A lesson in perseverance on a drizzly
Thursday morning

Recently Kyle participated in the first annual Globe Trot at his school, a run to raise funds for school supplies for low income children. I joined his mom, grandma, hundreds of students, parents and other interested spectators on a less than pleasant October morning to witness this event. The students’ enthusiasm was apparent, but most impressive of all was the determination and perseverance Kyle demonstrated. As you have read, seen or heard, Kyle has had increasing struggles with his balance. This has made most of his favorite activities a challenge and, at times, dangerous. He, nonetheless, approaches each of these activities, not with reluctance, but with vigor, only suppressed by watchful adults around him. This run was no exception. Despite my cautionary words, “Just walk, don’t run” and despite many falls, Kyle determinedly ran, picking himself up after each fall with what seemed even greater determination to reach his goal.

Kyle teaches me that we must persevere, despite our falls.

To the ever-growing community of caring people who support Kyle and our family, please pray this prayer with me: “Help us dwell in hope. Help us persevere. Let Kyle be a living, breathing, running, jumping, singing, laughing and dancing example of God’s power, grace and love.”



Anonymous said...

Perserverance ... yes, Kyle you could be a college professor in this subject. You are the toughest, the most postive-minded, and eternally courageous PERSON I know.
I have to tell you that I thought of you this weekend at the Husky game (of course wishing you had been there). I think that they could use a little Kylie power these days - some inspiration to perservere.
I am looking forward to seeing you at the UCLA game - with you there, they just may pull it off!
Lots of love,
Kirsti, Jeff, Gabrielle and Camille Kylie Rochon

Anonymous said...

though we don't know you, we keep up with you all through this blog and through friends of friends who do know you. My little one attends the Cottage School and we have heard the greatest words about you Kyle! We continue to send lots and lots of positive intentions your way. You are clearly one amazing boy full of strength,courage and positive energy. Keep up the amazing power you undoubtedly have. Way to go too on the hard work you did for other kids at your school!! You are quite an inspiring young boy as is your family!

Greg Johns said...

We are all learning from you as you push on no matter what. Your heart is big enough to see all the way down here in Seattle!
Thanks for showing us what courage really means.

Happy Halloween,

Carrie said...

Great prayer! I'll be praying it.
-Carrie (and family)

Cindy said...

We loved seeing you the other night - what a fun time! Clearly you have the Pumpkin walk perfected. Your costume was the best. We want you to know that we feel honored to call you our friend. Thank you for letting us share Halloween night with you. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you soon.

Much love,
Cindy, Mark, Zach & Taryn

Tiffany, Jon, Carson and Hailey said...


You are such an amazing kid. Our whole family loved being able to spend part of our Halloween with you and Nicolas, bobbing for apples, eating pizza, working the cake walk... Thank you for letting us share in such a fun time with you, your brother and your mama. You have so many amazing friends that love and support you. Your determination is truly inspiring. That is just one of my many favorite things about you!

We love you and always keep you and your entire family in our prayers.

The Gutierrez Family

haleyl25 said...

Hi Kyle,

The kids and I sure had a good time partying with you on Halloween. Your determination in the apple bobbing says it all. The kids thought it was so great that you won the cake walk (of course, I did, too!) Thank you for letting us share the fun evening with you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Big hugs to you all,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

Mrs. Stevens said...

Hi Kyle, I sure am missing seeing you and Nicolas at Happy Valley! I think it must be time for me to come and visit again at Wade King1 The Globe Trot sounds alot like the Fun Run. You are AMAZING! I am so proud of you and feel so lucky that I was able to be your teacher AND Nicolas' teacher! I will see you soon!
Love from, Mrs. Stevens

Kayley Westra said...

Hi Kyle!
We miss seeing you! I need to call your mom to find out when we can all get together. I love getting updates from your blog. You have such a cool new ride, I hope this rain ends soon so you can get outside and enjoy it. It is so inspiring to read about how you persevered through your run, I wouldn't expect anything less out of such an amazing person.
OXXO- We love you Kyle!
The Westras

Anonymous said...

Kyle, reading about the amazing things you do is such an inspiration! Erica Horton Sloan

Dane Faris said...

Alright guys, wishing you were here with us on this beatuiful beach. Dane is outnumbered by girls and really needs some boys to boogie board with. Missing you all and hope thaat you can convince mom to come with you both next November with us. How fun! keep your chins up in the rain and we will try to bring some sunshine home. Love you and see you at tennis soon. Love Sam and Dane.

Ella said...

Hi Kylie,

I like your bike. I can't wait to see you at Christmas. I love looking at your blog.
Love, Ella

Tiffany and Carson said...

Hi Kyle,
Just a quick note to say we love you and are always praying healing prayers for you. You are such an amazing kid! Nicolas too! We are so blessed to count you both among our friends. Kyle, the courage with which you face each day is inspiring. Stay strong! We love you.
Tiffany and Carson

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration you are. I am a runner and last year ran several marathons. It is hard to find the determination to keep running sometimes when you get tired and your body tries to tell you to stop. I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year and I'm sure that when I think of your determination it will help me.

-Rodger Funk

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry for your loss! Kyle was a special guy but you certainly do not need us to tell you that. We are thinking of you and praying for you all. May you find strength in memories and the love you all share. Much love, Brian, Shannon, Briley, Christina and Tommy Funk!