Keeping sunny thoughts for Kyle...


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kylie Wylie -

Summer is coming and you'll be at that pool before you know it!

I loved having dinner with you the other night. The whole wheat pasta with the crazy good butter and cream sauce was enough to make me diet for a week or two! And, I appreciate you and Cola commenting on my dress choices for the upcoming rehersal dinner. Both you and your brother have very good taste!

I hope your ears are feeling better and that the lotion stuff your Mamma rubs on them makes them less irritated.

Hugs and kisses from Chris & Anne-Marie

Anonymous said...

Joan and Dan Caine continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way. Many prayer groups are connected to you.

Marc Giguere said...

Hi Kyle
Good news, only 9 treatments: don't give up. You seem to be very busy with all your friends.
You are a superman in our mind and keep on to be so joyfull.
Say hello to Joyce, Christin and Nicolas.
Marc and France from Quebec

Tracy said...


I, like so many other people, have been thinking about you daily and praying for your brain bump to shrink and go away for good.

Well, I just learned an even better way to think about you and your brain bump. Everyday, many many times, I say "I am so grateful that Kyle's brain bump is gone. I am so thankful that Kyle is healthy & cancer free."

You see, this way, the universe, god (and anyone else who's listening) know that this is the outcome we expect for you. And the idea is that they in turn will do their part to comply with our expectations. (You're a smart kid so I know that I can use these big words and you will understand the concept.)

Lots of love,


Lindsey said...

Mr. Kylie-Wylie,

I had so much fun with you this week! It was so cool to get to go with you to your Monday morning treatment...it's obvious everyone loves you there! I especially liked your cheetah outfit. You were so soft and cuddly in it! I just wanted to pet you all day long!!!

I had so much fun playing Farkle with you! You have to call me when you are home this weekend so we can play again. I heard that it is supposed to rain all day on Saturday so we might have to stay inside playing games and drinking hot chocolate!

I'm going to have to write down the exact recipe for your special cheesy noodles. Those were so yummy that I want to make them for my friends!

I look forward to seeing you again this weekend.

Love, Lindsey

PS-Can you ask your Mama to send me those pictures that she took the other day while you were whooping us at games? THANK YOU!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh, yeah...one more thing...

I loved the picture of you and COla at the pool, but it really made me wish that it wasn't raining here! I can't wait for you guys to come visit me in Arizona...it's going to be really HOT HOT HOT there! We can have lots of fun in the pool!

Carrie said...

Hey Kylie,

I wanted to let you know that at Campbell's birthday party, Max (the boy laying in the soccer net waiting to get pummled) REALLY enjoyed the awesome goal you shot at him ;) You and your brother are great soccer players! I also learned yesterday, after Lulu braved the windy, rainy weather with us, that you are going to get some fun in the sunny, sun, sun! You will be all revved up for the pool after all those trips. Cali might just try to be in a different heat than yours at the Swim Meet this year - you smoked them all last year!

We are praying for you and sending you warm thoughts in these last days of bump zapping...

Lots of love,
Carrie, Jason & kids

PS Tell your mom if you like the soupy - if you do I'll make more. I won't even say its good for you, that way you might actually like it :)

Beth Henry said...

Hi Kyle,

My name is Beth Henry and I am Captain of the Relay For Life team Kids Constructing A Cure. Our team is made up of kids like yourself who are fighting cancer (all types) and those kids who have won the battle. Our team brings awareness that cancer comes in really small sizes and it gives you a chance to be with kids in a fun environment that relate to a lot of what your going through.

I would like to invite you to be on our team and become one of our MOST INCREDIBLE kiddos!!! Our kids range from 20 months old to 13 years old. And the Relay For Life is sooo much fun.

You'll have to get the okay from your folks, but I can tell you as a mother of a 10 year old cancer survivor, your folks will want to be involved with this fun, meaningful event. Its in July on the 13th and 14th.

Please have your folks contact me back at beth.henry@wamu.net with any questions they may have. I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Keep up the fight!!!

Beth Henry
Team Captain- Kids Constructing A Cure

eringrace said...

Hi Kylie,

I had so much fun hanging out with you this week. You and Cola are DEFINATELY my favorite kids to play games with. And I'm glas that you liked Farkle because it's definately my favorite game in the whole world.

I also really liked going to treatment with you. I haven't spent very much time in the hospital so it was fun to go with someone who knew exactly what was going on and could explain it to me. And I got to see your cuddly outfit too.

The picture of you and Nicolas at the pool made me miss summer! My favorite part of the day was when you guys would try to sneak up on me while I was lifeguarding and try to make me fall in the pool. :) I can't wait to play with you guys in the water again.

I miss you buddy! I'll probably see you tomorrow though, so I'll try not to miss you too much. Only a few more days of treatment too! Congratulations!

Love, ERIN

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-
I was so happy to see you on Friday afternoon!!! I love the way you walk into our classroom with a smile on your face and just get right down to the business of learning! I am glad that you had the chance to make some pages for our class book, "Did You Ever See...?" I was impressed with your picture of a goat in a coat! As I was watching you draw, I loved the way you were thinking about how to add more details to your picture and how you thought about making snow on top of the mountains. I also really liked your picture of the snake in the cake. That page will make me laugh and think of you and your rainbow cake every time I read our book!

I hope you had fun playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" at recess. I know that all of your kindergarten friends were so happy to get to spend some time with you! I am so glad that you have been riding the bus home with Nicolas on Friday afternoons. I bet that puts a big smile on both of your faces. What a great way to start the weekend!

You know how I love to give my kindergarten friends compliments, so here is a great big one for you...I am so proud of you for being so strong, so positive, and so brave! You are one amazing kiddo and I am so lucky to be your teacher!

Have a wonderful week and don't forget how many people at Happy Valley are sending lots of love and good wishes to keep you strong.

Lots of love from your teacher and one of your biggest fans!

See you soon, friend!

Mrs. DeJong

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...
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Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kylie!

I thought about you this morning when I knew you were in treatment. I know you only have a little bit to go and that you're keeping your Mama laughing throughout it all.

I am really proud of you and your brother for being such troopers through all of this.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow for dinner. Maybe another game of Farkle?

Big hugs and kisses from Chris & Anne-Marie

tracey c said...

ok...don't laugh!!! I have a big red mark above my lip from that crazy blue flesh eating hawk disguised as a paraquet! ouchee! I can't believe she bit me when I was giving her kisses!! Comet was little miss cranky feathers yesterday!! She didn't even want to take a bath, that stinky bird! I think it's funny that she likes Special K...maybe next time we can give her Fruit Loops...I think there's a crazy parrot on the box so she'd probably like them! So...did you remember to bring the LCR game?? I bet you'd be so good at that game and your grandparents would love it too! But remember...we have to play together next time your back up at your mom's. I can't wait to try and kick your butt!! I'm going to call Comet over here and see if I can get her to peck like mad at the keyboard....well...she flew over and walked all over the keys...and.....oh my gosh....she took a poo-poo on my computer...and flew off!!! How rude! Hey...I emailed the picture we took to your mom! Maybe you should post it on your website so your friends can see what a silly monkey you are with a bird on your head!! Oh..I also emailed a picture of that cool rainbow I was telling you about! Remember when we were saying there is supposed to be a pot of gold at the end?
I think there should be a big plate of chocolate chip cookies there instead!!

Lots of love,

Tracey xoxox

Lynda Smith said...

Hey Cutie Pie,
What a great day Sunday was!! It was so nice to have the sun shining so we could all be outside. Erika had a great time playing with you and all the neighborhood kids. You are quite the basketball shooter. Maybe someday you will be tall enough to block one of Mark's shots!!!
It was so good to hear that cute infectious laugh you have. You make us all smile and laugh right along with you.
I hope you have a super great week! Stay stong and keep smiling...and laughing!!
We love you lots!!!
Lynda, Mark, Haley, and Erika.

joelle said...

Hi Kylie,

We had fun at dinner last night - thanks for teaching Stephen and I how to play Farkle! I think the next time you come over, Ernie will play chase with you - he definitely liked you!

Six more days of treatment - we are counting down and can't wait to celebrate with you!

love, Joelle & Stephen

Anne-Marie said...

Good morning Happy Boy -

I loved playing Farkle with you last night. Your epic three-pairs, twice in a row, rolling was amazing to see. And the fact that you made your Auntie Farkle by just thinking about it was cool too. Remember, only use those powers for good!

I will look for 2007 quarters for your super cool coin collection. And, I'll bring down more change next week.

The countdown is on - only 4 more treatments!

Hugs and kisses from Chris & Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie said...

I found a list of Farkle Rules just in case anyone reading your Fan Club notes doesn't know how to play Farkle:


Hugs and kisses from Anne-Marie & Chris

Sheila Clark said...

Okay Kyle, unless my math went terribly wrong somewhere, you just have four more treatments to go. Can that be? Four days hardly even sounds like a challenge for a boy who scores over 500 in yahtze, wins gold medals, plays football at Husky stadium, and seems to change the life of every person he meets in a really powerful way.

Well, to gear up for the big day, I repainted my toes in my brightest pink polish, and I will tell you, it was about time. They were a chipped up, pitiful mess, but I loved looking at them because they just kept making me think of you.

If at all possible, I would love to know when you think you might be done Tuesday. I just want to be able to look up at the clock in my classroom and know the moment you're done. You will probably hear my sigh of relief from Bellingham to Seattle or maybe... you'll hear the sound of my feet tap dancing on the top of my desk! I'm sure there are rules against Kindergarten teachers tap dancing on their desks, but sometimes special circumstances call for special measures.

Give your family a hug from all your friends in room 5 and please let your mom know that Nicholas seems to be his regular, smiling self every time I see him. You all are amazing and continue to be loved.

Mrs. Clark

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kylie -

I have some quarters. Let me know if you want them:

2006 Colorado
2001 North Carolina
2006 South Dakota
2005 West Virginia
1999 Connecticut
2001 New York

And shhhh, I have an "in" at a bank in town. They said I could just give them a list and they would try and find the quarters you need! Cool, huh?

Hugs and kisses - only a few more days, ya' little trooper!

Love Anne-Marie & Chris

Marnie Hansen said...

Hi Kyle, Nicolas and Christin,

I am so proud of you Kyle!! You are almost there buddy. I am so glad you are feeling so great. Everyone asked about you at soccer practice and they are so excited that you will be able to come and play some games and of course score some goals for the team!
I am very excited about tomorrow because my sister and I are going to sell your t-shirts, bumper stickers and bracelets at Fairhaven Middle School. We get to sell them before school, at lunch and after school. You are now a super star with all of the big kids at Fairhaven. Colby thinks it is pretty cool that he gets to help me before school tomorrow and he said he is going to tell everyone how cool you are!
Talk to you all soon!


WIlson Family said...

Hi Kylie,
I have been thinking about you alot! It was so nice to see you without your patch at Campbell's party. You were rockin that soccer ball. I hope you are able to come to Mackenzie's party at Tube Time. Mackenzie needs someone who can keep up with her in those tunnels! I am so excited you only have, well less than 9 now! Only 3? Did you know that Mackenzie turns 6 on April 3rd? I guess that is a good luck day! We can't wait to see your smilin face.
Love, Heather and Mackenzie

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Mr. Kyle,

Yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh!!! You are almost done with your treatments!! Yahooey!! Two to go! You have done such an awesome job! You are one tough cookie.

I don't usually work in Mrs. Clark's kindergarten class on Tuesday's, but I'm thinking of going this Tuesday just in case she does dance on her desk. That would be something else, huh? I can only imagine what Shane would do if he saw his teacher dancing on the desk. I'm pretty sure he'd be up on his desk trying to do your chicken broth dance.

By the way - great job at soccer on Saturday. I lost count of how many goals you scored!

We can't wait to celebrate with you when you get back home.


Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Jill DeJong said...

Happy April, Kyle!

Just 2 more trips to the hospital and then you get to celebrate! Mr. DeJong and I are going to celebrate on Tuesday with Bailey and Finn in your honor. Maybe we will have Mexican food, just like you!

It was so great to see you on Friday. I love the kite you painted. It is hanging on the bulletin board to help everyone feel excited for spring!

Hang in there, Kyle. You are so strong and so amazing! Hope to see you soon.

Mrs. DeJong

AmyT said...

Hi Kyle,
I saw your Mom this weekend and she told me that you are down to your last couple of treatments. Right on! I'll be thinking of you this week and sending good vibes your way....Maybe someday we can meet and you can teach me and Hayden to play Farkle. I looked up the rules but boy it looks way to complicated for me!

Amy, Hayden, Fischer and Shannon Terrell

joelle said...

ONE MORE DAY! WAHOO! Can't wait to see you tomorrow when you are all done! I'm so happy for you - way to go!

Love, Joelle

eringrace said...


Congratulations, Buddy! Just one more day and then you're done! I am so happy and proud of you.

I'm super glad that I get to come over tomorrow night and celebrate with you. And Mexican food is my favorite.

See you soon! Love, ERIN

tracey c said...

WAWHOOOEEE!! Your last day of treatment!! That deserves a couple of jokes!!

ok...What game do elephants love to play?

Why was the baby ant confused??
A- Because all of his uncles were ants!!

Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon?
A- Great food but no atmosphere!

Why are teddy bears never hungry?
A- Because they are always stuffed!!

I'm so proud of you for charging through all of those treatments like a big super-hero!! You are an amazing little monkey!

We are leaving for New York this week to go visit our parents for Easter so we won't get to see you this weekend, but I hope you have fun and hope you get to go on a big Easter Egg hunt!! Oh...I took a really funny video of Comet! I will email it to your mama and this way you can watch it whenever you want to crack up...it's pretty funny!

Have a Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!

love, Tracey, Harold and Hazel

Carrie said...

Hey there Kylie,

Wow! Where did the last six weeks go? You "powa"-ed through like the tough kiddo that you are! You truly inspire the rest of us, Kyle. I'm excited for you that you get to spend more time with your classmates and friends. I'm sure you miss them and I KNOW from your website that they miss you tons! You are off to sunny Florida next week -you'll have to bring some sun back for pale ol' Bellingham! I hope you have a great Easter and Spring Break.

Many thoughts and prayers,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

WIlson Family said...

Yeeehaw, you are done! Way to go. We are so proud of you. You rocked it and came out on top! We were thinking about you yesterday. The sun was shining and it was Mackenzie's birthday! We hope to see you soon. We love you!
Heather and Mackenzie

Marnie Hansen said...

Hi Kyle!

Right on!! You are done! You did such a great job. You are truly amazing!

Also, you were so awesome during last Saturdays soccer game. You were the man! I hope we get to see you this weekend.
I also wanted you to know that you are a super star at Fairhaven Middle School. All the kids were asking me if they could meet you because they had heard how amazing you are. My sister is going to video her kids wearing your shirts and sending positive messages your way. She wants to send the video your way so you can see all of the big kids you have touched.
Talk to you soon!
I am sending you a BIG high five!!!



Melissa said...

Nicolas and Kyle,

Wow, what a fun day! I had such a great time with you guys at the baseball game. How cool was it to sit in the very front row AND you got a foul ball. That is so awesome.

Nice job getting those autographs too. You really got some good ones.

Can't wait to see you this weekend. I love you guys.