Woo Hoo - Say Goodbye to the Kidnappers!!!

Kyle finished radiation yesterday! Although I think he will miss his daily round of giggle gas, he is more than happy to be finished with the routine of heading to the UW Medical Center for an early morning nap. For a boy who loves breakfast it has been quite a test to not eat anything for 6 hours before his treatment! But he may be most excited to have his pic line out. Now he can go swimming, take a bath without having to hold his arm up out of the water, and he doesn't have to wrap his arm before soccer or skiing. Not to mention he doesn't have to put up with his mama and papa flushing his pic line every 8 hours!
Kyle had a great weekend leading up to the end of his treatment. He went to Happy Valley on Friday spending the afternoon with his kindergarten friends. Saturday he played soccer with his Southside team. He scored many goals (I think the tally was 9) and came up with a great save robbing the opposing team of a goal! Kyle and Nicolas went mountain biking with their dad and Cara on Saturday afternoon and finished off the weekend at their friend Mackenzie's birthday party at Tube Time. What 6 year old wouldn't like a weekend like that?
Sunday night Kyle and I made our way once again to Seattle. After his morning treatment Kyle spent a good part of Monday afternoon looking through quarters with his grammie. He is collecting all the state quarters and is busy filling books with the ones he has so far. His grammie even went to the bank Monday to buy rolls of quarters for him to sort through.
Nicolas and papa came down on Monday night and met us at the UW on Tuesday morning. Kyle raced in on his healies, zooming down the halls as fast as he could. He surprised all the nurses with flowers to thank them for taking such wonderful care of him. And they had a surprise for him too! A graduation certificate that they had all signed with wonderful thoughts and a new stuffed Husky puppy named Slush! It was sad to say goodbye to the other boys who have been in treatment at the same time, Jordan and Diego, but they are both finished this week too! Kyle,
Nicolas and papa went out for a great big breakfast to celebrate and spent the day playing at the Ronald McDonald House. We had a quick check up at Children's in the afternoon and then headed back to grammie and grampie's for a night of FARKLE and mexican food! Today we start our way back to "normal". Kyle woke up at 6:30 ready for cereal. Tonight we are going to watch the Mariners at SAFECO Field and then we are heading home. Tomorrow it is back to the Cottage School in the morning and then Friday afternoon with this friends at Happy Valley.
Thank you to the wonderful caregivers at the UW for embracing Kyle and focusing so much positive energy to helping him fight to be well. Thank you to all our wonderful friends for your daily prayers and Kyle has his next MRI on Monday morning. It will be our first look inside his noggin in 8 weeks. We continue to pray for miraculous things!


Melissa said...

Nicolas and Kyle,

Wow, what a fun day! I had such a great time with you guys at the baseball game. How cool was it to sit in the very front row AND you got a foul ball. That is so awesome.

Nice job getting those autographs too. You really got some good ones.

Can't wait to see you this weekend. I love you guys.

Kim, Gil, Campbell and Nick Jr. said...

Dude - WAY TO GO!!! You did great during radiation and we are seriously stoked for some fun in the sun next month.

When I go running and start to feel tired, I do your OOO UM GOW AH chant and I am amazed by how much power is in those four little words.

Everyday we are putting all of our postive energy out there for you, Kyle. Campbell secretly does your chant before bed each night - she gets all tucked in, shines a flashlight on your poster and whispers, "ooo um gow ah" softly and sweetly. :)

We are really glad that you are feeling so well right now.


The Lunds

Heather said...

Kyle- I miss you already! Thanks for the flowers and your cuddly personality. Have a great breakfast tomorrow morning.

Tina Allsop said...

Woohoo! We are so proud of you and your family for being so strong and positive throughout your brain zapping! Everytime we look at your blog, Kehr says "beep beeps." He knows that you always share your cars with him and we can't wait to play with you sometime soon.

Also, I thought you'd like to know that the big 8th graders in my class keep wearing their Kylie shirts to school. Everytime I see one of them in their shirts, I know it means that even people who have never met you have been inspired by your courage.

See you soon! Love-The Allsops

Lindsey said...

Hi Kyle!

I bet you are so excited to start having breakfast first thing in the morning again! I've been thinking about you all week, and can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that you are finished with your daily trips to UW. It must be sooooooooo nice to have that PICC line out of your arm too! Did you take a nice long shower as soon as your got home from your last treatment?

I can't wait for you and Cola to come down here next month. I am in need of some serious FARKLE playing, and no one down here knows how! It's driving me crazy!!! I went to the pool yesterday and it was 92 degrees! That is definitely SMOKIN!

I'm so glad you are starting to get back to your regular life :) It must be nice to get to go play at the cottage school and Happy Valley more often now! Do the kids treat you like a celebrity? I bet they missed you while you were gone!

I will keep continuing to pray for you everyday and wear my OOO UM GOW AH bracelet. People ask me about it all the time. They think it is very cool. My prayers will be with you Monday morning while you are getting your MRI. I'll pray that your brain-bump has disappeared!!!

I love you sooooooooo much and can't wait to kiss you from your nose to your toes!

Love, Lindsey

PS...Tell Cola that I am saving up even more kisses for him! I really want to gross him out!!!

Joan Martin said...

Christin, Jocelyn, Kyle, and Nicholas,
Congratulations to you all, but most espcially to you, Kyle. What a great accomplishment to complete your radiation treatment. You are such a brave and wonderful little boy.

I am happy for all of you and I know you're looking forward to getting some regular routine in your days and weeks.

I continue to pray for Kyle and all of you, and am eager to hear how the MRI goes. It's really neat that Kyle's eyes are working together again.


Erik Johnson said...

Hi Kyle!
I am so glad you are done and can come back to school more now. Mrs. DeJong has a surprise for you. I couldn't come to our soccer game last weekend because I was sick. I heard you made lots of goals! I hope you can come play soccer more so I can play with you. I have missed you! Love, Erik

Anonymous said...

We sat behind your group at the Mariners game last week. Sorry they didn't win for you!

Great website/blog!