Kyle & Nicolas having fun with their cousin last summer on Vancouver Island


Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Kyle,

We are so excited to hear about your big day at Husky Stadium tomorrow. I bet you and Nicolas can teach Jake Locker a thing or two, huh?

I have two things to tell you today. First, my mom (Shane and Andrea's grandma) went to a meeting with her church group and they ALL prayed for you. In fact, they are ALL going to pray for you EVERY day! Second, two kids from Bellingham Christian School got Ooo Um Gow Ah shirts today. They are going to have their classes pray for you, too!

Hope your week goes great!!!

We love you!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Anne-Marie said...

Kylie -

I am so excited to read that you're going to play football with your hero today! I hear that Jake is a really nice guy and I bet that you're going to totally impress him with your perfect spiral pass that you do.

Big hugs and sloppy wet kisses from Anne-Marie & Chris

Anne-Marie said...

P.S. I'm wearing my Ooo Um Gow Ah shirt today. I think it makes me look skinnier which is always a good thing. I think I'll have to wear it *every day* now!

Marnie Hansen said...

Hey Kylie!

Colby wanted me to drop you a note to let you know he wore his
t-shirt today to school and so did his sister Mackenzie! They were so proud to wear them to school today. Colby wore a shirt underneath so he would not get cold because he did not want to have to wear a coat today and cover up your shirt. Mackenzie wore hers with a sweatshirt over it but had the zipper down half way so you could see the "OOH UM GOW AH, Kylie's got the POWAH! I just wanted you to know that they are thinking of you extra hard today.

We went to the grocery store last night and I think all of Haggens now knows your mantra, as Colby was chanting it all through the store; and we were there for an hour!

Tony and I have our t-shirts too and Tony told me this morning that he decided that Fridays at our work are going to be "Kyle" day so we can wear our t-shirts to work! I can't wait!

Hope your week is going well!

Marnie, Colby, Mackenzie and Tony

Christin said...

Hello Kyle,

Do you know what you wanna do for Make A Wish yet? 'Cause I am really excited for you.

I hope we get one more day of skiing in this season.



Christin said...

Hello Kyle,

Do you know what you want to do for Make a Wish yet? 'Cause I am really excited for you.

I hope we can ski together one more time this season.



nmgeary said...

Hey Kyle,

I hope your time with Jake Locker was a blast....your Aunt Melissa was sure excited about it! Are you as big of a Husky fan as she is? I bet you are!

I'm really looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

Stay Strong!


Lynda Smith said...

Hey Kyle,
I am so glad you had a fun weekend skiing. When I was a kid I used to race too. It was so much fun. We will have to compare trophies sometime. HAHA
Have fun playing football. That is so exciting. We are all anxious to hear about it. I am sure he will be impressed by your athletic skills. Have a great time and hope to see you this weekend. We are all keeping you in our hearts!!
Go Kylie!!!
Love ya,
Lynda, Mark, Haley, and Erika

Melissa said...

Nicolas & Kylie

WOW! What a fun day I had with you today! That was so cool so see you both running up and down the Husky football field, scoring touchdowns! You did great. You really showed Jake what terrific little Huskies you are today. Thanks for all the fun.

And Kyle, thanks for introducing me to all your nice doctors and nurses at the hospital and for showing me the ropes. You did awesome!

Love you tons,

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle!
You are having such an amazing week! I heard that you had a great time at Husky Stadium yesterday and I was so excited to read about your super fast time at Mt. Baker! I love that you always challenge yourself to do your very best. You truly do have the power to do anything you set your mind to. I am so proud of you, friend!

We miss you so much at Happy Valley. I can't wait to see you again! You are going to have so many fabulous stories to share with me!

Keep on being strong, Kyle!

Lots of love-
Mrs. DeJong

Scott said...


I just opened up my Bellingham Herald to see you and your Dad's bright faces. What a great picture and beautiful article. I also just listened to the radio story about your trip to Husky stadium. What a blast.

I put on my Kylie's Got the Power t-shirt and will be thinking of you and praying for you all day.

You keep up that Powa little football dynamo. And give your mom and dad a kiss from the Smartts.

--Angie Smartt

Scott said...
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WilsonFamily said...

Hi Kyle,

We have been thinking about you so much these past few weeks. You are so famous - we see your cute face everywhere! Zachary, Hannah and Benjamin have been wearing their "Kylie" shirts and we all got our bracelets at the Southside Soocer Fair. While we were there, Benjamin kept pointing out people who were wearing their Kylie Shirts and he kept chanting your mantra the WHOLE time we were there! And Zachary came home with a bookmark with Peep on it the other day - so that he can think about you and send happy thoughts your way whenever he's reading - which is almost all the time!!

We've been gone the past couple of weekends, but we hope to see you in the neighborhood this weekend riding your bike and scooter. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

It's sooooo exciting that you aren't wearing your eye patch anymore - You are one amazing kid!

Keep being such a strong, happy guy!
The Wilsons
Scott, Amy, Zachary, Hannah and Benjamin

Mrs. Stevens said...

Hi Kyle,
It was so great to see Cooper at school today! I came home and told my family he is the cutest dog I have ever seen!( I didn't let Lucy listen!)
I also wanted to let you know that how proud of you I am everyday! You are such a great room 6 kid!
Love, Mrs. Stevens