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Melissa said...


I had fun with you tonight! You really beat your mom good at Monopoly. I also loved your chicken broth dance. I'm going to want to see that again!

I love you little bug...

Eve Duginske said...

Hi Kyle!
587 points in Yahtzee?! I can't believe it! You are amazing! I played Yahtzee yesterday with all my roommates... and I won but I have a feeling you would have if you had been there! I'm so glad I got to see you this weekend, thank you for my EVE bracelet!

I'm thinking about you and praying for you all everyday!
Love Eve

Support said...

Hi Kyle,

I just told my friends in the Recess Monkey band that you like to play the electric guitar and love to rock out and they said they would love to meet you and rock out with you! We are all sending rock out thoughts your way!

Love, Joelle

tracey c said...

Meanwhile back in Emerald City.....KYLIE the SUPER HERO along with his crazy arugula eatin crime fightin parakeet does a WHAM!! BAM!! ZAP!! with his super hero powers on the evil villain known as Brainius Bumpus!!! Get em Kylie!! You're my hero!!

ok....what exactly is a "chicken broth dance?"

thoughts and prayers, tracey xoxoxox

Crosslands said...


We are thinking about you and sending you strength from Bogota Colombia!!!!! You are loved and thought of from all over the world. Thanks for teaching us strength and love . . .

Calvin, Maude, Coral, Ian and Wendy Crossland (sister in law of Tracy!)

Sheila Clark said...

Kyle- I was so excited for yesterday to come. I spent the weekend preparing by buying the brightest pink polish I could find and painting anyone's toes who would stand still.

When I got to school yesterday, Shane came in first thing and said he had something to show me. I thought he was pulling out another one of his stuffies. When I turned around, he had his shoes off, socks in a pile and he was saying, "Look, sparkly blue polish. It's for my friend Kyle. He's starting something today." I said the only thing I could, "Ooh um gowwa." And Shane of course said, "Kyle's got the powwa!" With a fist pump or two for emphasis.

You are very loved.

587 points in Yahtzee? I didn't even know it was possible!

Let Nicholas know I'm storiing up bear hugs for him and he can stop by and collect any time.

Mrs. Clark

kim, campbell and gunny boo said...

Your mama asked who else rolls 3 yahtzees in one game? Well the answer it turns out is hardly anyone...

In a study they did in england, those crazy brits, less than 1% of players will score over 500 points (something only possible with three yaytzees) and only a teeny tiny percentage of players will get up to 587.

You are the odd breaker kylie - that's for sure!!



(I wrote from 'cause campbell doesn't like the lovey dovey words right now)

Casey said...

Hi Kyle!
I just wanted to let you know that you were in my thoughts yesterday. I am sure you did just great, you are such a strong boy! Let your Mama know that she has been in my thoughts a lot, too. You have so much love out there for you, that is so awesome! Way to go on your Yahtzee game, My daughter loves to play that game, too!
Well, I just wanted to say hello to you and let you know that I am praying for you.
Love, Casey

* said...

Hi Kyle.

I have known your mom for several years through Tracy C. I keep up with your blog and am cheering you on. My three-year-old daughter Naomi and I watched the video of you taking that jump at Mt. Baker and Naomi said "I want to ski like him." You are so inspirational and a rock star on the slopes. My family sends you and your family love.

Christina Wallin

Lindsey said...


Everyone else might be shocked that you were able to roll three yahtzee's in one game...but I'm not! I'm pretty sure I have never beat you at a game of yahtzee, monopoly, or chess!

My mom and both my sisters are down in Arizona visiting me right now, and yesterday while you were going in for your brain-zapping, we all went and got out toenails painted HOT PINK in support of you!

I think about you everyday and miss you like crazy!

I hope things are going well. You are the toughest kid I have ever met!

Love, Lindsey

Anne-Marie said...

3 Yahtzees!? With your amazing number luck, I think I want you in my accounting department at Bramble Berry! Sheesh, little one! That is some impressive game playing rolls. I just told everyone I work with about your awesome three Yahtzee game and they are all very impressed with you.

Loves and hugs from Bellingham. You rock! =) And, I'm with Tracey, what is this chicken dance? And, I want to see it!

Hugs from Anne-Marie & Chris

Kim & Terene said...

Hi Kyle ~ 587, you are amazing! Is there anything you are not good at? Of course, that is a silly question I already know the answer :)You are such a strong kid!
We hope you are having a good day today. We are thinking of all of you!
Lot's of love,
Terene, Kim, Corey, Fi & Mic's

Sheri and Allie said...

Ooo-um-gow-ah to you Kyle! From "the Hovde girls" Allie and Sheri...Allie is the cute blonde from basketball,remember? ;) The Recess Monkeys..We are So excited to see them! You'd better save us a dance we want to see you shake your groove thang you little chicken broth dancer you! We girls send you a huge hug,Love Allie and Sheri

christy thompson said...

Hi Kylie, I love to play yahtzee. I can't ever find anyone to play with. Lets play sometime. Hey my daughter Megan will be cooking at the Ronald Mcdonald house Monday night (house C). She wants you to come by for dinner. Shes a pretty good cook. I think shes making taco spaghetti. Anyway if you decide to go by please say hi to her. She won't play yaghtzee with me but she would play with you. Ooo-um-gow-ah to you and love, hugs and blessings. Mrs. Thompson

Ken said...

This message is from your neighbors Ken and Sally. Yesterday we saw your Dad and got to meet your Grandma ! We told them that we were sending you lots of BIG energy to help you build up your ooo-um-gow-ah Powa !! Anyone who can get that high of a Yahtzee score really has the powa !! Be strong and I bet you can feel all the powa that is coming your way from all of us in Bellingham.
Ken and Sally

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Kyle,

My grandma and grandpa played Yahtzee every day for years. Every day! That is a lot of games!! My Grandma always had great luck, but it was rare for her to get a score like yours. You are something else, kiddo! Keep up that confidence, that attitude and that good luck of yours!!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle!
Wow! You are the Yahtzee King! Mr. DeJong and I love to play Yahtzee (it drives Bailey and Finn nuts to hear the dice rattle around in the cup!) but I don't think we have ever scored 587 points! That will be my new goal!

Everyone at school misses you so much. They were excited to hear about the Recess Monkey concert. How cool!

I hope you know that Mr. DeJong and I are thinking about you everyday. I put a copy of your picture from the first day of school on our fridge next to your poster, so we can look at your beautiful smile each day. I was even thinking about painting Bailey and Finn's nails pink. What do you think?

Stay strong my sweet friend!

Mrs. DeJong

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hi Kyle,

It's Andrea. Reading about your chicken broth dance made me think of something funny. Do you remember when we went camping in Entiat? Remember when Davis wouldn't eat his steak and we said that he would have to do the chicken dance in Shane's Captain Marvel underpants if he didn't eat it? Is that anything like your chicken broth dance?

Ooo Um Gow Ah! Kylie's Got The Powa!!

Andrea (and Shane too)

Rachel said...

This ooo um gowah stuff really works! What a Yahtzee player and what a great sign for the first day of treatment. I'm excited that you are zapping that "Bumpus"!

Along with the others, I'm hoping to see the chicken broth dance sometime soon.

Love to you and your family!


New Admirers said...

Hey Kyle,
You don't know me and I don't know you but that doesn't matter. We have some of the same friends and I've been hearing about you for a little while now. You sound like such a cool kid and I know you're going to beat this thing! You work on getting better and know that even complete strangers are praying for you and sending you lots of good thoughts!!!
Love, Cindy, Steve, Autumn, Levi, and Dustin (from Gardenview Montessori)

Brenda said...

Hi Kyle!
This is Josh's Mom (from soccer). Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you. We have been saying lots of prayers for you. You are such an awesome kid! Josh talks about you alot. He was remembering that time he got to play with you at "Tube Time". Do you remember that? I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Zap, Zap!
Big Hugs,
The Dentel Family

zan-man said...

Hi Kyle,

I hope you get better soon.

My Mom and I have been talking about you and she helps me see the Blog online. Tonight, we've finally created an account so I can write you a note.

I hope your "peepments" are full of Pow-wA and you're feeling OK.

I think you're such a nice kid.

I hope everything is going well.

Thanks for coming with your brother to my birthday bowling party. I never really got a chance to talk with you because so many of us were there and we were busy bowling and eating cake. My Mom helped me make a thank you note to you and Nicolas and that was over a month ago. My Mom still has it on her desk to mail to you because we weren't sure of your mailing address. I'll have her mail it tomorrow so you and Nicolas can read it.

It was good to see you.

We didn't know you could ride a horse and we didn't know you were still going to The Cottage School. Payton's Mom told me you were also going to Happy Valley, but we didn't know that either. My Mom told me she thought at the end of the year you were going to be at St. Paul's where my big friend, Austin, goes, and Wren. But Wren isn't that big ;).

Hope you get better soon and your world is going well.

I didn't know there was a cartoon character named, "Peep," and I like him. Does Peep say, "Peep, peep, peep, peep?"

Get well soon and we'll send another note later.

(A note from Z's Mom: Kylie, we're praying for you and we keep thinking of your fantastic smile and your strength. We know you've got the PoWa and it's so cool to see your inspirational "OOOhh ummmm Gooooo WAAAAaahhh KKYlie's got the PPPPooowwwAAAAA" logo. You must have a special graphic artist in your back pocket.

Way to go, too, on the slopes. Dude, you didn't have any poles! You gonna do that with Downhill Giant Slalom Slalom Super-G Downhill Combined Super Snow Jumpin' Jack Flash ooo uuumm gowa powa?

You Got the Powa, Kylie, so, I betcha you'll be doing that soon.

Please give Nicolas our big hugs, and keep some for you. Z's Dad says he, too, sends his thoughts of healing to you daily. We are keeping you and your brother, and your Mom and Dad in our hearts. ((Zander asks, "Why not thoughts?)) I add, in our thoughts, too. ))

From Zander and Tess

steph said...

Bonjour petit Kyle,

Je m'appelle Stephanie et je vis chez Carrie et Jason! Je me permets de t'ecrire quelques mots en francais car j'ai entendu dire que c'est la langue maternelle de ton papa et que tu te debrouille pas mal en francais. Peut etre qu'il pourra t'aider a bien comprendre mon petit mot. J'ai eu l'occasion de te rencontrer toi et ta maman a l'anniversaire de Gunnart! Je voulais te dire qu'il n'y a pas un seul jour ou je ne prie pas pour toi.... Je t'envois toute l'energie que j'ai en moi pour vaincre cette maladie!!!! Je suis sure que tu l'utiliseras au mieu! Continue a etre ce petit garcon si merveilleux dont tout le monde parle....

Je t'embrasse


Erik Johnson said...

Hi Kylie!!

You got the powa! In fact, we know you got the powa because we were just watching a video of us playing soccer and you scored an amazing goal! We are going to copy
it for you and send it to you!!

Last weekend when I walked up to your house to drop off the package, Jonathon came too. We carried our skateboards up the hill and then sat on them to ride home. Get better so you can come ride with us!!


Erik Johnson said...

Hi Kylie!!

You got the powa! In fact, we know you got the powa because we were just watching a video of us playing soccer and you scored an amazing goal! We are going to copy
it for you and send it to you!!

Last weekend when I walked up to your house to drop off the package, Jonathon came too. We carried our skateboards up the hill and then sat on them to ride home. Get better so you can come ride with us!!


Marnie Hansen said...


Hope your week has continued to be a "Yahtzee" one!!!! Thinking about you bud.

Keep dancing, smiling and playing those games.


Marnie and Colby
Colby says to give you a high five on the 3 Yahtzees!!!:)

Becca Tessin said...

Hi Kyle,

Dylan is dying to play with you!! He heard your quite the game player. Though he's never played Yahtzee, he'd love to learn. He's been working on his Monopoly and chess skills lately and is really into games. Congrats on finishing your first week. We hope we get to see you soon!

Becca and family

Ali Johnson said...

Hello Mister Kylie! My name is Ali and I work with your mom. My gosh, do you have the coolest blog site, loved the skiing video, you totally are a natural! I have two boys, just like your mom. My boys are D'ondre, age 13, and Santana, age 10. They love sports, board games and activities just like you. Too bad we live down in Tacoma, I know they would enjoy haning out with you and your brother. Maybe we can all get together sometime. I just want you to know that you are in all of our prayers and we have no doubt that your enthusiastic personality (along with loving support) will bring you through this little bump. Your mom talks about you and Nicolas all the time, especially when we are out of town for meetings. You really make her proud, keep it up! Can't wait to meet you, hopefully soon!

Take care,
Ali Johnson and Family

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle!

I was so happy when your mom called me yesterday morning and said that you were going to come to school. Did you know that I was running up and down the halls of Happy Valley telling everyone the great news?

Thanks for painting such beautiful flowers yesterday. They make me smile everytime I look at them. I hung the blue and green tulip on the bulletin board by me desk and the red flower is out in the hall for everyone to see! I had so much fun playing legos with you and I can't wait until you come to school again. Maybe next time we can try to make some paper airplanes.

Thanks for sharing your stories about the hospital with me. Now I can picture in my mind the doctors and nurses wearing their crocs (just like you!) and tickling you as you fall asleep. I know that they are taking such good care of you!

Yesterday you told me that you counted 7 "I love you's" in the book that we made for you and that was 1 for everyday of the week. How cool is that! We do love you everyday of the week, even when you are away from us.

Thanks for making yesterday one of the best kindergarten days ever!

Mrs. DeJong

Erica Horton said...

Hi Kyle - I am a college friend of your mom's, and I know she's a strong one. If you're anything like her, you will beat this, no doubt! I am thinking of you and your family every day and praying for you too.

Erica Horton

Nancy Urner said...

Hi Kylie and CW~

Sounds like you are kicking some booty in the boardgame arena. I want to come play with you but will you let me win? I am not a very good loser. I can't wait to see you at the EMP concert - it will be so much fun. I think of you every day sweetheart! Hugs to all.
Nancy Urner

Nancy said...

Hi Kyle!

I work with your Mom and think she is a really amazing and inspirational person. You and Nicolas make her so proud. You should see how she glows when she talks about you and your brother.

You are such a strong and brave boy. I hope to meet you soon. I found out from one of the other messages that you like to play the electric guitar. I can't wait to hear you jam.

Maybe you can also give me some skiing pointers. Dude - you really caught some air. You'll be doing 360 tail grabs and soaring eagles before you know it!

I'm rooting for you. Go get em, Kyle!

Sending happy thoughts your way!

Nancy Chang

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kylie -

Here's another fan from Team Kylie! We're all in your Fan Club!

Did you have a good weekend up in Bellingham? We can't wait to hear all about the fun things you did and hear about your athletic prowess (even with that cool eye patch)!

You are such a brave boy and we are very proud of how polite and friendly you are being to all the doctors and nurses at Children's and UW.

Big hugs, and make sure you let us know how your weekend was! Maybe that famous Chicken Broth Dance on video for your Fan Club?

Love, Anne-Marie & Chris

Art & Glenna Henkens said...

I'm sending you a hello all the way from Boston, Ma. home of the Red Socks and the New England Patriots. I hope you are a big fan.

I have known your mom, Melissa, Linda and Gordy for a very long time and also feel like I know you. I hear wonderful things about you and your brother from them.

You hurry up and get better and know that we are all thinking about you.

We send you our love

Art & Glenna

Diana said...

Christin, Jocelyn, Kyle, and Nicolas,

We want you to know that you are all in our hearts and prayers and know that you Kyle are already an amazing and strong boy, just like the rest of your sweet family!

I'd love to play Yahtzee with you sometime Kyle - 587 points is really something.

With lots of love and big hugs,

Diana, Mark, Catherine and Melissa Challender

cmurd1 said...

Hi Kyle,

We know that you've had a lot going on this week and you've been in our thoughts. Hopefully you're feeling okay. We also wanted to give you an update on your bunnies. They are doing great! We had them out to play in the bunny run today. They are so funny. Your boys are much more curious, and brave, than our girls. We enjoyed watching them hop around and nibble on the grass. Zach spent time holding each of them and giving them some lovin'. They are much bigger than our bunnies - their back feet are HUGE and so fuzzy. I always hear the gray one thumping his feet on the bottom of the cage. He is quite a show off! We've really enjoyed having them. Thank you for allowing us to bunny sit. Please know that we're thinking of you always and look forward to seeing you soon.

Cindy, Mark, Zach & Taryn Murdzia

Lynda Smith said...

Hey Kyle,
It was super great seeing you last night. I love those cute little cheeks of yours. When you get back we can cut your hair ok? Maybe we can give you another mohawk!! What color do you want in your hair this time? Let me know so I can get it for you.
You are an amazing little guy and we are all cheering for you. We know you have the powa!
Lots of Love.
Lynda, Mark, Haley, and Erika
p.s. I loved the chicken broth dance...you can really make that lil' bum move!
Go Kylie!

Sheila Clark said...

Kyle I hope you had a great weekend at home. Mrs. DeJong was sooooo happy to see you Friday. I have never actually seen her that happy and as you know she is generally a very happy person. I don't think she got anything done after your mom called to say you were coming, she just went up and down the halls telling everyone who would listen that you were on your way. Afterward she said it was the perfect day.

I hope you got our hug. Mom or dad can hold it in their arms and wrap it around you or you can lay it out on the floor and roll around on it. Use it in a tough moment or everyday. Room 5 loves you!

So, your Yahtzee play inspired me. My husband and I played together this weekend. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that my high score was 241. That's less than half of what you scored the other morning! I obviously have work to do. I'll keep at it and maybe, just maybe, one morning you'll hear that I've caught up to you.

Have a great week. Everyone is so proud of you!

Mrs. Clark

Marnie Hansen said...

Kyle, Nicholas and Christin,

It was so great to see you all this weekend!! Kyle you are really something playing those video games! Colby was so glad to see you and Nicholas. He really wants to get together to play soon.

We are thinking of you all and sending good thoughts your way for the beginning of week 2!! Come on Yahtzee!!


Marnie, Colby, Mackenzie and Tony

Tina Allsop said...

Hey big guy-

It was so fun to see you, your mom, and your brother this weekend. We loved playing wii with you and Kehr says thanks for sharing all your "beep beeps." You make your mom so proud the way you take your medicine without complaining.

We hope you have a good week. Stay brave. I'm sure the doctors and nurses are taking extra special care of you, buddy.

Big hugs to you all! Tina, Ryan, and Kehr

tracey c said...

Hi you crazy little monkey!! It was fun hanging out with you handsome Roger boys last night! Thanks for coming over to visit Comet last night! That was fun! We'll have to try and give her a bubble bath next time! I'm watching her in her cage right now and she's digging around in her seeds trying to find those big green ones! You did a good job feeding them to her. She's picking at her feathers and giving herself a little groom before bed. I have a silly question for ya....Do you think she toots? I've never heard her toot.....(i've heard you toot)...maybe she toots at night when everyone's asleep! That would be funny! ok...i'm off to bed. Hope to see you again soon you cute little goof ball! night night

Tracey xoxoxox

friends of steph said...

Bonjour Jocelyn,

Il y a des choses dans la vie qui nous semble injustes et cruelles et c'est ce que j'ai ressenti en apprenant ce que vous vivez toi, Kyle, ton autre petit garçon ainsi que toute ta famille.
Je t'envoie des ondes positives et un message d'espoir. Les enfants sont remplis d'amour et d'une volonté insoupçonnée.

Gardez courage, espérez en la vie !

Danielle Lavoie
une compagne de travail et "co-loc" de bureau de Stéphanie

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Mr. Famous Boy,

Paul is still talking about how you schooled him in King's Corners! He is sure impressed with your mathematical mind! I think he is planning to teach you how to play poker so he can smuggle you into a casino to win some money!! Maybe you can use stilts and wear a long jacket. Do you think you could pass for a grown up?

We've been thinking about you this week. Andrea was doing the chicken broth dance this morning. I don't think she quite has the booty shake down. You may have to give her a lesson or two!

We love you!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Marnie Hansen said...

Hi Kyle,

Halfway through the week bud! Hang in there!!
I went to help in Colby's classroom this morning with Mrs. DeJong and she told me how wonderful it was to see you on Friday. I told her I felt the same way when I got to see you on Saturday.
Hope the rest of your week goes well!
Love, Marnie

friends of steph said...

Bonjour Jocelyn,

Je suis une collègue de travail de ta soeurette .

En cette année 2007, j'enverrai de la lumière à Kyle afin qu'il capte toute l'énergie qui lui est cultivé au Québec et la récolte sera importante.

Nous sommes plusieurs à faire équipe avec toute ta famille.

Lise Ruelland

Lindsey said...

Hi Kyle!

Wow! You have already almost made it through your second week! Stay strong buddy! Only 4 more weeks to go...

I'm sorry that I won't be able to make it to your fundraiser tonight. Bellingham is a LONG drive from Arizona! I am sending my mom for me instead, and then I am planning on coming home in the middle of March to see you. Will you save me a few games of Chess?

I love you! Stay strong.


Marc et France said...

Hi Kyle
How are you today? I was very happy to recieve news after your first treatment. You seem top shape.
Last week, I talked with your grand-father Paul and I learnt a lot of things about you.
Please say hello to Joyce, Christin and Nicolas. All our thoughts and prayers are with you.
With love
Marc and France

eringrace said...

Hi Kylie,
I got to see your mom and Kola tonight at your fundraiser. It was tons of fun and I bought a T-shirt for me and my brother and a bumpersticker. I am very excited to wear my T-shirt.

I am also excited that I get to come over for dinner on Tuesday. I am so glad that I get to see you. Can we play a game while I'm there?

I miss you Buddy. I'll see you soon. Love you! ERIN

PS. I've been telling all my friends your jokes and they think you are very funny and want to meet such a smart kid. ;)

Joan Martin said...

Hi L'il Champ,
You are an amazing boy and I love to read about you. You're quite the game player!

Last night I got to talk to your sweet mom and I bought a bumper sticker from Nicholas (it is now proudly displayed on my car). I also bought your cool t-shirts for my five grandchildren and can't wait to give them to 'em.

You are in our prayers and thoughts every single day and I know you definitely have the "POWA" to get through everything and come out the champ that you are.

Hugs and love to you and your family,
Joan and David

Kayley Westra said...

Kyle I love your clever jokes. You gave me the giggles! Laughter is fun and good for you- keep those jokes coming.
-Kayley W

Carrie said...

Hi Kylie-Wylie!

So did you know that you were first called "Kylie-Wylie" 'round about the same time we called Cali "Cali-Wali"? Probably not, but your name stuck longer than Cal's did. Cali, Max and Ava were so excited last night to get their shirts at the fundraiser - they all threw off their coats to put them on -Ava being the first. They were only slightly dissappointed finding out that it wasn't a playdate at Kyle's house! After talking to your mom, however, we did find out that you and Nicolas are quite knowledgable about Pokemon. I know Cal would LOVE to share her collection with you sometime -maybe you could give her some pointers on the ol' trading card thing. I'm feeling like I really need to see this chicken broth dance by the way:)

Our love and hugs to you(and mom!),
Carrie, Jason & the kids

PS We can't wait to go to the Recess Monkey concert! Do you get to hang backstage with the band???;)

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle!
Guess what? I counted 28 people wearing your shirts today at Happy Valley. I bet there were even more that I did not see. Mr. DeJong was so excited to wear his shirt to work today, too! Everyone is cheering you on, Kyle!

I loved seeing you today. It was fun watching the movie we made last week and sitting in the "home center theater." Mrs.D'Amelio and I will become better movie makers with some more practice. We promise!

Thanks for reading me part of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You are such a great reader.

You make me smile each time I see you. Thanks for making this another great Friday at Happy Valley. Have a good week, stay strong, and I hope to see you again very soon!

Mrs. DeJong

eringrace said...

I went to this beach today called Golden Gardens and I found A TON of beach glass. There were so many pieces that I couldn't even pick them all up. They all had really smooth round edges and the glass was all white-ish looking like it gets after being rolled around in the sand and water. I thought about you the whole time and how much I wished you were there with me. It's not as much fun to find beach glass by yourself. The tide was really low so there was lots of beach to search.

Is there anything that you want me to bring you when I come to dinner on Tuesday? I'm bringing your mom and grandma a bottle of wine, but you can't have any of that. Is there a story you would like? Or a game you've been dying to play? Just let me know and it's yours, buddy.

Love you tons and I CAN'T WAIT to see you!!! Kisses from your head to your toes!

Love, ERIN

Lizzie said...

Hi Kylie Wylie...

It's Lizzie and Christopher sending you lots of love and our very best wishes from Qualicum Beach. Ooh Um Gow Ah is becoming a very popular saying around our little town.

We hope to see you soon. But, in the meantime, know that your are in our every thought and our every prayer. We know you will continue to stay strong, to be brave and to keep those doctors and nurses laughing with your very funny jokes! You bring such joy to all you touch! Enjoy your giggling gas...and we wish you an awesome week. We know you have the powa!!

We love you so much. And we hope you feel better soon!

With hugs and kisses for you, Nicolas and your mama....

Love, Lizzie and Christopher xoxoxo

Heidi Scalzo said...

Hi Kyle,

My name is Lisa. I am 4 and my Mom was a sorority sister of your Mom and Aunt, and my Dad went to school w/them too!

I wanted to let you know that I think you are so inspirational, strong and tough, and I look at your picture on this site and say a special prayer for you every night.

I can't wait for your concert at EMP this weekend--I will look out for you there! My family sends our love and prayers.

Lisa Scalzo (and Heidi, Chris & Jake)

emma lunny said...

Dear Kylie,
I am glad to be your friend. Cancer must be hard but you are still okay lukly. Even thoe Nicolas is a bum he must feel the pain I do. I hope the cancer will end soon. It's also amazing how you got to play football with Jake Loocker. I think it must of been awsome to do that. Everyday I'm going to prey for you.

Your good freind,
Emma .L. Lunny