Anne-Marie said...

Wow Kyle! It sounds like you really impressed your hero - and you ran the entire length of the football field? I don't even think I can do that!!!

I loved seeing the Chicken Broth Dance last night. Your little hiney can sure shake!

Love, Anne-Marie & Chris

Lindsey said...

Kylie~ I knew you were pretty cool but I didn't know you were famous! I just read your exclusive story in the Seattle PI and it was so AWESOME! It sounds like you and Cola could really kick that Locker guy's booty! Did he have a hard time keeping up with you guys? I love the pictures of you...especially the one when you are running and your legs are all blurry because you were going so fast. It looked like a cartoon!

Keep up your amazing strength. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you in a couple of weeks. Do you think I could come with you to an appointment and meet your doctors?

Love, Lindsey

Marnie Hansen said...


That is such a great picture of you with the "Locker Man"! It sounds like you and Nicholas had a great time.......I am so glad. I can't wait to show Colby your picture on the field.
Hang in there, week 3 is almost over!



Jill DeJong said...

Wow Kyle! You are so famous. I just printed a copy of the article from the paper. I love the picture of you running so fast! I am going to read this to all of your afternoon friends when they come to school today.

You are awesome!

Mrs. DeJong

Trueda said...

Kyle and family,

Best wishes and hang in there. Let the smiles keep coming!

When I read the article in the PI today, I realized that I have seen you and your parents in the UW Radiation Oncology waiting room! My 26 year old son just had his last radiation treatment there yesterday. (He has a grade 3 astrocytoma (brain tumor).)

Trueda Gooding

Amy T said...

Hey Kyle,
I read the sports page today and saw your article. I am a fellow Husky and a friend of your Mom's from the way back days. I'm very sorry to hear about what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.

I just went out and bought a shirt for me and my son (who is just about your age). I am a fellow husky who is surrounded by Cougars in my house so I have to keep a low profile! It sure sounds like your day with Jake was totally awesome!

Prayers to you and your family!
Amy, Hayden, Fischer and Shannon Terrell

eringrace said...

Hi Kylie,
I just read your article in the paper and now it's up on my fridge. I am so glad that I got to come play Monopoly yesterday with you and Cola. I can't believe you wiped me out. I didn't stand a chance.

Thanks for singing me the Wiener Man song (even though you won't let me be your Wiener Wife) and for doing the Chicken Broth Dance. I loved it!

See you soon, Buddy! Love you tons!


Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...
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Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Mr. Kyle,

Shane and I just looked at your pictures. Shane said that in one picture you look like you have wheels. He thought that you look awesome - he'd like to have wheels like that!! You run faster than any kid I know, and most of the grown-ups (myself included)!

We are glad that you had such a great day. We are also very happy that all of the people who read the PI will now also know what an extraordinary kid you are!!

We can't wait for the Kylie Concert on Saturday!


Robert D said...

Hey Kyle,

How cool was that! This is Josh Dentel's dad.

Looks like your beating him pretty good down the field as well. :-)

See you on the soccer field.


the Blums said...

hi kyle,it's me lilah. i loved watching your skiing!! i want to learn to ski and race. i think about you and the bump and i think it will go away. love lilah

hi kyle, this is Wendy, lilah's mom. loved reading your article today i was so impressed! You are famous!
I too think about you everyday. i sit in a very quiet space and picture your bump getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. I chant your mantra and picture a lot of love and light all around you.
We have a puppy named Charley and he got to meet lulu and play. I sure think you have a neat dog. Sending lots of love to your family and give Lulu a scratch for me and a big fat hug to your mama.

joelle said...
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joelle said...

Wow - looks like Jake was no match for Team Roger- way to go Kylie and Nicholas! You are superstars.

I can't want to see you to do a little booty-shaking this weekend! Recess Monkey is looking forward to rocking out with you!

See you soon!

Amy H said...

Ann says, "I love you Kyle. Let's play sometime and I know something you'd really like, playing FOOTBALL!" It was great to see you in ALL of the football pictures! What a SUPERSTAR! Ann says again, "We have to see you again sometime because we really love you!" Wren says, "It will be great to see you this weekend at the concert!" Many hugs and sweet dreams to you Kyle, Nicolas and your Mama! xoxo Amy, Rob, Ann and Wren Healy

Brenda said...

Hello Mr. Kylie,
I loved seeing you in the paper today. Josh couldn't wait to show his Dad,.. and we loved your ski video too. You are one famous kid! Keep on being the strong kid you are. You make us smile!
~Brenda & Josh D

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hi Kyle,

It's Julie again. You are so strong and you have such a great attitude. You know what you have inspired us to do? We are forming a Ski to Sea team and we are calling it "Team Kyle!" I bet other people will be making "Team Kyle" teams, too. Then on race day there will be all kinds of people yelling "Go team Kyle" and it will really be all about you, Mr. Kyle!


Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Oh - one more thing. Today Paul sent your blog address and the PI article to people in Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Columbia, SC; Phoenix, AZ and Denver, CO. You just keep getting more and more famous!

Rachel said...

Something tells me that this won't be the last time we will be reading about Kyle Roger on the sports page! Dude - you are a GOOD football player! And I know a little bit about the game. I loved the story and pics - it looked like a BLAST to be out on the field with a great player like Locker. I know he was totally impressed with you!

Anonymous said...

Kyle -
My son told me about your "brain bump" and your fun day at Husky Stadium with Jake on Tuesday.
I e-mailed the PI newspaper article to all my friends and asked for special prayers for you. I hope you and your family will find comfort in the power of prayer and God's healing touch.
Keep that glowing smile and stay tough!

--A Husky Mom

Stephanie said...

Hello Kylie !
What a super week for you big boy ! I guess our power recipe really worked great for you. First a gold medal ! That's awesome, you are such a good skier and then on the football field with that Locker guy... We've seen all of the nice pictures and read the fabulous article...it must have been a really nice afternoon; running super fast with Cola and do a real touch down...Wow !
And what about your radio interview...I'm so glad we can hear you on the computer. Uncle Jo put it up loud and now we can sing along with you because we know the cheer ! Little Arnaud does'nt understand the words so he prefers to say Choo Choo Kylie !
We're all still waiting for our t-shirts, we can't wait to be the first ones in Quebec city to wear them. Grand-maman told me on the phone that you are a great monopoly player... I remember playing this game with your Dad when we were younger, we will have to play together next time you visit us.
Uncle Jo, Mathilde, Arnaud and I give you a big group hug and alot of kisses !!!
Stay strong like a choochoo train, we all know that you have the powa !
Aunt Stephanie

Collins Family said...

Even though I'm a Cougar I thought that was pretty cool.

It was great to see you at the concert. You really know your "chicken dance". Ella had fun dancing and watching the band play.

When you have the time you should come down and see me at the Lacey Fire Station. You could see all the cool tools that we use when there's a fire or people are in trouble.

We Love You!!!
Oo Um Gow Ah!!!
Bill, Raquel, and Ella Collins

Kristen Gleason said...

Dear Kyle and Family,

I am writing to you today because I just watched you on TV and almost broke out in tears because it reminded me of my life from 13 to now almost 21 years old now. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. I was always in and out of the hospital with having spent every birthday in a hospital from 13-19. This year I am praying that I will have an exciting 21st birthday. Kyle, I just want to tell you to hang in there. i know personally how rough of a road life is sometimes but God works everything out in his time. I know that some days are better than others but I know that you are a trooper and that you can hang in there. Hey if you are at children's hospital have them do what I did when I use to go there which is if anyone wants to draw your blood make them dance or sing for it. Tell them Kristen Gleason said that they should. It makes your stays so much better. Plus you get something out of having to let them draw your blood etc. But I wanted to tell you that I will have my church pray for you and that I will be having my college group from church pray tonight as well for you. Hang in there Kyle. If you ever need some company just give me a call and I would be glad to come in to the hospital with you and just watch the Seahawks or play a game or anything. I am planning to attend medical school next year and I hope that I can some day find a cure for so many of these horrible diseases we have both faced. I know that everything will work out. Stay strong as I know you are. I hope to stay in touch with you. Have a wonderful rest of the week and God bless.



Kristen Gleason

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Mr. Kyle,

It was SO neat to see you on TV! How cool was it that in the middle of a bunch of winter weather, you had a record breaking warm, sunny day out there? I think that was one more way of God telling you that you are one extra-special super amazing boy, and He is listening to all those prayers!

Shane really wants to see those snow leopard pants and jacket your grammy made you. They sound super cozy, and cozy is one of our favorite things! You have a very nice grammy.

We are sending you extra hugs and saying extra prayers this week. Stay strong and remember that you have lots of "powa" being sent your way. Oh - one more thing: when I sold one of your shirts to a Happy Valley mom whose son has not met you, he told her that he wanted to wear the shirt to give you power. I thought that was a great way to put it - we are wearing your shirts and giving you power.


Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

tracy davis said...

Hey kylie,

Guess what I'm wearing on my wrist? A super cool "OOO-UM-GOW-AH! KYLIE'S GOT THE POWA! blue wristband! The factory finally shipped them to my house yesterday and now Julie is busy getting the wristbands to people that ordered one (or more - some people wanted 50!) There are going to be 500 people wearing these wristbands everyday, sending you POWA and love.

Lots of love to you and your family,

Tracy, Brady, Sage & Skye

Amy Slusher & Family said...

Wow Kyle!
What a cool experience! I bet you had a blast.

I just wanted you to know we are still keeping you in our prayers. All three of my kids have been wearing their shirts and bracelets to school.

My son, Riley Slusher, and his friend Carter Johnson felt like they needed to do whatever they could to help you. They started a coin drive. They have been fundraising in their 5th grade class (at Happy Valley) on your behalf. All the kids were interested to learn about you and that brain bump you are trying to get rid of. Everyone wants to help any way they can. They are all sending you good wishes and happy thoughts.

You have made quite an impact on everyone! We are keeping you in our prayers! Keep up the positve attitude!

Amy, Trent, Riley, Kameron and Sage Slusher