First Day of school....

Another milestone in the journey we are on....Kyle started second grade yesterday! They boys are going to a new school this year, Wade King Elementary. The school was built last year and the boundaries for all the elementary schools were re-drawn. It is exciting to be in a new place, but Happy Valley had been so wonderful for the boys and I know they were a little sad yesterday to not see all the familiar surroundings. 

Last week Kyle had an MRI and it shows that the tumor is still relatively stable. But with that said, he is showing more symptoms than he did at the start of summer. We have decided to have a shunt placed to help drain the excess brain fluid.  His ventricles (think of them as the overflow tanks for brain fluid) are large, especially when compared to this time last year. Now they are pressing on the surrounding brain tissue and causing edema. This could be the cause of his increasing symptoms. Our hope is that by draining the brain fluid and decreasing the edema around the ventricles some of the symptoms that have developed will be relieved. If that is what happens we will stick with our current treatment. 

The biggest change for Kyle is his balance. He is unstable enough that he isn't able to ride his bike anymore. Anyone who knows Kyle knows this is a big blow. Kyle lived on his bike. We are currently looking for a tandem bike that we can ride with him on the trails around Bellingham. I have seen a few where the backseat is lower and easy for a kid to ride with an adult. Of course it is an expensive proposition, so if anyone has a connection to a bike shop or manufacturer and might be able to help us find a bike that is good quality but at a decent price we would be very grateful. Please send us an email at kylerogerfund@hotmail.com if you think you can help.

Thanks for checking in with us. It makes Kyle very happy to see posts from his friends and supporters. 


Anne-Marie said...


I'm sure someone will come through with a nifty bike for you. I hope that the shunt helps you and your balance. Either way, I think you're one cool kid, with or without you balance being perfect enough to ride a bike. You have lots of amazing qualities - you're funny, a great game player, and a very polite boy (when you need to be). A little balance isn't going to change any of your awesome personality qualities.


A-M & Chris

PS - Your Momma and brother are pretty cool too.

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-

I hope you have had a fabulous first two days of school. I have to say that Happy Valley is not quite the same without all of my Room 1 friends stopping by to give me those great hugs. I really miss you and your wonderful pencil sharpening skills!!!

I hope you know how proud I am of you, even when I don't get to see you at school everyday, and tell you that in person. The thing I learned about you in Kindergarten is that you are so brave, so funny, and so kind, that you can face any challenge with a ton of courage. You are such a great person and I am so lucky that you are my friend.

Have so much fun at your beautiful new school and don't forget how much all of your old friends at Happy Valley love you.

Stop by and see me sometime!!! Say hi to your Mom, Dad, and brother for me, too.

Lots of love and huge hugs,

Mrs. DeJong

Tiffany said...

Hi Kyle,
How lucky was I to get to have you come and help me out in my classroom today. My snap cubes were in pretty sorry shape until you arrived. Thank you for taking apart all those pieces. That was a ton of work that you saved me from. Now I can actually put the lid on the box. You have this amazingly big personality and you always make me smile. I am blessed to know you (your entire family too).

I am loving having your big brother in my classroom. He is smart, caring, and also has a great senes of humor. We are going to have an amazing year learning together. I couldn't be more excited!

You are in my prayers. Your courage is inspiring. Much love to you and your family.

Dane Faris said...

Oh man, school is just not the same with out you and Nicolas. Dane is O.K. but bummed about not being in class with Nicolas for the 5th year in a row. Looking forward to getting the full report next week at tennis and another smooch and hug since you are so good at them. Have a good weekend and see you on Monday. Love Sam and Dane.

Melissa said...

Hi Kylie,

Thank you so much for my beautiful painting! You are such a wonderful artist. I am so lucky to get a Kylie original.

I had so much fun with you, Nicolas and your Mama at the Husky game on Saturday. Even though that penalty at the end was really silly. It was still a great day.

Love you lots and lots! See you soon.
Aunt Issy

Tiffany said...

Hi Kyle,

I have been thinking about you a lot today and wanted you to know how proud I am of you. I know that tomorrow is a big day, but I also know that you will handle it with the same courage you seem to have an abundance of. You are an incredible kid and I am so glad that Carson gets to have such an amazing friend. Thank you! I know he is going to miss playing with you at recess this week. When you get home and are up for some company have your mama give us a call. Carson and Erik have a special gift that they would like to bring to you.

In the meantime, just know that we love you and are praying healing prayers for you. Please give your parents extra hugs. We will see you in a few days.

Lots of hugs~ Tiffany