Meet Cooper!

Kyle and Cooper

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our family! Cooper is a 4 month old Australian Labradoodle.

For the past several months Nicolas and Kyle have been working hard to demonstrate they were ready for a new dog. We already have a dog, Lulu, who is a lab mix, but she is just a bit too big for the boys to snuggle. So, when we were lead to Cooper through a good friend of Nicolas', Dane Faris, it felt like Cooper was meant to be with us. Dane's family had adopted a puppy at Christmas and introduced us to the breeder.

Gail, the owner of Whispering Winds Labradoodles, invited us to her home to visit her puppies. Cooper was shy at first, but after an hour of playing on the lawn Nicolas was certain that he was the perfect dog. And Nic was right! He cuddles with the boys on the sofa, strides next to them on his leash, and sleeps in their room at night. We are really blessed to have been introduced to Gail and are beyond grateful for the gift she has given us. It is an amazing act kindness. Thank you Gail!

If you are thinking of adopting a dog Gail has 4 new litters!
Click here too see them! Or contact her at Whispering Winds Australian Labradoodles, Gail Widman, Owner/Breeder, 829 Whisper Way, Bellingham, WA 98226, 360.312.1313.


Melissa said...

I can't wait to meet Cooper! He is so cute and cuddly looking.

Love you all!

PHDavis said...

Not only is Coop adorable, be he is the softest dog ever!! I bet you are really proud of how well you showed your mama that you could take care of him.

I think that Gail sounds like a very generous and kind person!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Rachel Myers said...

Totally cute doggy! I can see why you guys chose him. Have fun with the new member of the family!

:) Rachel

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger Family-
The new dog is adorable. Glad to hear the kids are in love.

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Praying for Miracles to come your way.

God Bless you,

kaija said...

What a cute pooch! I hope to meet him one day soon.

Keep on fighting that pesky bump, Kyle. I know you can wear it out once and for all!!

Love to you all.