Kyle, Nicolas, and Christin meet Mickey Mouse!

First I want to apologize for not posting for so long. The last 8 weeks have been filled with so much activity there was little time to write it down. February flew by for all of us. We were busy with basketball, indoor soccer, and ski lessons on Sundays. The boys took a birthday trip (Jocelyn’s birthday) to Whistler during mid-winter break. Nicolas decided there that he wants to be on the Mt. Baker Race Team next year. He has no fear on the slopes. The boys skiing really jumped to the next level this season and there isn't a run at Baker they aren't willing to tackle.

The next weekend I took the boys on a wonderful, warm-weather trip to California. I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the Blackman’s, whom we have never personally met, for sharing their beautiful house with us. Their generosity made the trip possible for us. We were thrilled to spend time at Disneyland and California Adventure with the Davis Family. Shane is a great friend of Kyle and Nicolas. He is our neighbor and also a fellow first grader at Happy Valley with Kyle. His big sister, Andrea, is also wonderful to the boys. It was great to share the “Happiest Place on Earth” with our friends.

Nicolas was able to conquer is fear of roller coasters and now loves Big Thunder Mountain. Kyle filled his thrill-seeking side by trying every coaster with me. We rode Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, California Screamin’ and the Tower of Terror. We were able to round out our adventure with a couple incredible days at Newport Beach. We shopped, played games, and spent time enjoying the sand and surf.

Now here we are in the middle of March! Today is the first day of spring, soccer practices are in full swing and games begin this Saturday. We are looking forward to Easter and take to heart to reason we celebrate. Remembering the relationship between sacrifice and miracle and that enduring one brings hope for the other.

Eight incredible weeks since Kyle's last MRI. We returned to Children's yesterday and again Kyle displayed his bravery having his first MRI without sedation. What a champ! He lay motionless in the machine for almost 30 minutes. In fact, for a few minutes in the middle he actually fell asleep! We are really proud of him.

It is the next part of this post that is hard to write. How do I chose words that share what is happening yet still convey our unending belief that Kyle is a competitor and continues to use all his inner strength to fight off his brain bump? The hardest thing to say is that although Kyle continues to feel good and remains symptom free, his tumor has yet again shown growth. His doctors retain their belief that the clinical trial drug is slowing the growth so he continues the current treatment. We continue to look into other options and hope that a break-through study is just around the corner.

As always, we pray that the tumor will stabilize, that it will tire of rebuffing the enormous fight Kyle comes at it with every minute of every day. Our hope is unwavering that Kyle’s love of life, his will to win, and the prayers and good thoughts from you will ultimately make the brain bump pack it’s bags and move out.

Help us by continuing your prayers, positive meditations, and thoughts of love and healing. Not just for Kyle, Nicolas, and our family, but for all the children and families facing DIPG.

Thank you for keeping us close to your hearts, you remain close to ours.


kimjlund said...

ooo um gow ah kylie!

all our love,
kim, gil, campbell and gunny

ps - see you on the slopes saturday ready to find that golden egg.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great trip to California. Great job for doing your MRI unsedated, you should be very proud of yourself. We live in North Seattle and our daughter Sydney had the same kind of brain tumor you have. We think Corey, Dr Geyer and Dr Olson are all great. You are lucky to have such caring doctors and nurses. If your parents have any questions they are free to email us at meinarson@in-tec.com.


Heather Adams said...

We love you Rogers!
Mara and family

Jill DeJong said...

Thanks for stopping by my class and giving me a quick hug this morning. It was very cool that we were dressed like twins today!

I am so proud that you did your MRI fully awake! You are one of the bravest people I have ever known. I am so glad that you are my friend.

I hope you have a super fun Easter with your family. Please give your mom one of your fabulous hugs from me.

Mrs. DeJong

PHDavis said...

Wow! You did your MRI without sedation?? Maybe you could give me a few pointers, because I stink at that!

We had an AWESOME time in California with you guys. You are so much fun to travel with! Nicolas, I don't think I've ever been on Big Thunder Mountain so many times! Kyle, wasn't California Screamin amazing??

We loved our day at the beach, too. Only one problem - now that you taught us the Weanie Man song, I can't get it out of my head!!!!!

We know that you will keep fighting that brain bump with your great attitude!!

We love you guys!
Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kylie and Cola -

I love the photo of you two on the blog. You look like you had a great time.

And, to the entire Roger family - you looked GREAT in the Otion commercial. You can see it here (but ya' gotta have flash installed to see it):


if you want to see how fetching you looked.


A-M and Chris

Erik Johnson said...

Hi Kyle!
It was fabulous to see you at school last Friday and I loved hearing about the magic show you were going to help put on. When Erik came home today he said he LOVED the magic trick you shared with the class. I can't wait to see on the soccer field! You are the strongest and bravest seven year old I know!! Love, Stephanie

Dana Hope said...

I love coming onto your blog and reading your updates. It sounds like you are getting braver everyday--roller coasters and an MRI fully awake?? You continue to amaze us all. If I were that brain bump I would be so scared of you!!
You have our support, prayers and love always. Your mom and dad rock too! Tell them hello from us and you are always in our thoughts.
With all our love,
The Carpenters

Rachel Myers said...

Thanks for the update on all the fun you guys have been having. It really sounds like CA was a good time, although I'm a wee bit scared of roller coasters, so I probably wouldn't have been able to keep up!
Kyle, your courage and strength are inspiring. Quite simply, you are a really cool kid. Your brother and mama are pretty darn amazing as well. I'm sending you LOTS of good thoughts along with my deep admiration.

Much love,

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-
Thanks for inviting me to your classroom yesterday to meet Cooper. He sure is one lucky dog to have you and Nicolas to live with. I can see how much he already loves you. Dogs are the greatest!

It was so kind of you to come to my classroom today and read with my friend Jose. He loved having you there and so did I. You are a great reader and a wonderful friend. Thanks for helping me out. Remember, you are always invited to stop by my room and say hi or hang out with me and my Kindergarten friends.

Mrs. DeJong

Leslie said...

Hello Kyle & Family,

The Davis Family are friends of ours too and Julie has kept me up to date on the brain bump and your amazing courage in fighting it. We used to live in Bellingham but now we're in Austin, Texas.

Kyle, you are truly one brave guy and I can tell you're surrounded by lots of love and support. Know that we are praying for you here in Austin and wish you all the best.

Take care!

The Wilsons

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger Family -
Just want to let you know that I am keeping Kyle and your family in my prayers.

Lindsey said...

Hi Kylie, Cola, and the rest of your family!

I just wanted to drop a note to say that I've been thinking about you lately! I can't believe you got a new puppy! Does he cuddle up with you in the middle of the night and give you big wet kisses to wake you up? Or do both of your loud snoring keep him awake?!?

I miss both of you lots. I hope I get to see you soon! Are you coming to Arizona again?

Love, Lindsey