Lucky Dawg

Kyle heads out to mid-field for the coin toss at Saturday's Husky game.

Kyle gets a chance to wish Jake Locker good luck before the game.

"Hey mom, Garcia's bicep is as big as me!"

Coach Willingham takes a knee to say "Keep up the fight" to Kyle.

Wow, we had a great time at the Husky Game on Saturday! Yeah, we may not have won the game, but the day was still fantastic. Nicolas and Kyle were all decked out in their Husky gear. The Huskies gave them each Lucky Dawg t-shirts, pom-poms, and Coach even signed a ball for Kyle. They gave us great seats too!

About 30 minutes before kick-off Kyle and I went down to the field. Kyle was able to meet the cheerleaders and Harry Husky, stand on the helmet car, pet Spirit, and stand mid-field on the sidelines as the band played the national anthem.

It was crazy loud when the Huskies took the field. The captains came out first, stopping to meet Kyle. They took Kyle's hands and headed onto the field for the coin toss. Kyle said the players were HUGE!. On the way back to the sidelines Coach Willingham stopped to take a picture.

Back on the sidelines, Jake found Kyle and they were able to say "hi" and take a quick picture. I know it made Kyle's day for Jake to make a special effort to find him.

After the game Kyle wanted to call Jake. Kyle said to me, "I hope he's not too sad that they lost. The only thing that matters is that he played his best. He'll win next week. I want him to know I am glad I am his friend." Somehow a six-year-old can always put things into perspective.

We want to give a BIG thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Husky Football for making us all feel like Lucky Dawgs.


Lindsey said...

That is so cool you Lucky Dawg! I wish I could have been there to watch your big moment with the Huskies! I sure am glad you got lots of pictures...at least I can feel like I got to see you! Keep up all the awesome work Kylie. I miss you!

Love, Lindsey

Wines Family said...

Thanks for the great story and picture of the big day at Husky Stadium!

We are huge Husky fans, and even bigger Kylie fans. We've been following your progress ever since we saw your sign on the bulletin board at Belligham Bay Gymnastics.

Keep up the good work, Kylie!


The Wines Family

Ursala said...

Just checking in to see how you all are doing. Looks like you have had a great summer, and entering a great fall!

Miss seeing you all at the hospital... and so glad to read that you are not spending much time there either!

Ursala Schwenn