Kyle's one-of-a-kind Powa Sweatsuit made with love by his Grammie, Linda Willhite.


Marnie Hansen said...


It's me again! Yes, I am obviously a fan of yours. It was awesome to hear you on the radio! I just had to tell you that you sounded so grown up and that was so cool!! Hope to see you, your brother and your mom real soon.



Robert D said...
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Jill DeJong said...

Christin and Kyle-

Thanks so much for sharing your radio interview and all the fabulous pictures of your wonderful day together at Husky Stadium. It absolutely made me smile to hear you saying your chant on the radio, Kyle! You sounded so grown up!

All of your kindergarten friends have tons of questions to ask you about playing football in a real stadium.

I loved everything you said on the radio, Christin. I don't know anyone who has as much enthusiasm as Kyle. You two are both very special people. Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

Mrs. DeJong

the Grubbs said...

Hi Kyle!

Congrats on meeting your husky hero - It sure looks like you had fun! Max and Sam and all of us are thinking about you and praying for you. Please keep being SO VERY BRAVE and we hope to see you well soon!

Tim, Darla, Max and Sam Grubb

Lindsey said...


I just listened to your interview on the radio and you sounded so awesome!

I didn't know that your chant was more of a rap! Maybe you are going to be a famous rapper someday??!!??

Christin-I loved what you said and it's absolutely true. No one loves life more than Kyle...and therefore, I believe in my heart of hearts that NO ONE could beat this thing better than Kyle. He is going to defy all odds because as he said it himself "Kylie's got the powa!!!!".

Can't wait to see all of you next week. I miss you like crazy.

Kyle-Save up a joke or two for me!

Cola-Save up some of your special "love" for me (I think you know what I'm talking about!)

Love you tons. Lindsey

cchute said...

What a great radio show! Loved it!
The newspaper article was something,too! You're touching a lot of hearts, Kyle!
Your dad told us about your ski run the other day. VERY IMPRESSIVE!
Have a great rest of your week.
We're still rootin' for ya!
-The Chute Family
(Harvey, Carrie, Sarah and Hannah)

Marnie Hansen said...

Hey Little Man,

You are going to laugh! Tony was so excited to wear his t-shirt that he told me we were going to wear them a day early, so I am at work right now and we both have our t-shirts on in honor of you......pretty cool huh? When Colby saw us this morning with them on he started making a plan that our whole family is going to wear them every weekend. I told him that was an awesome idea!

See you soon buddy!

Marnie and Tony

Carrie said...

Hiya Kylie,

Wow, what a week you've had - gold on the slopes and football with Jake - nice! I think someone was smiling down on you with the beautiful football day that it was. Max, Ava and I had a nice time taking Lulu for a walk, actually she took us for a walk :) You have a very sweet doggie and we're looking forward to more walks around your hood -people would drive by and seem to know Lulu waving and smiling. We got to visit with your dear mom for a bit and she said she'd pass along hugs to you and your brother. Can't wait to boogie on Saturday at the concert!

Our love and prayers,
Carrie, Jason and kids

Kim & Terene said...

Hey Kyle! I just read what a fun day you had with your brother and the football player! How exciting! I also heard you won your ski race~ yahooey! Well I hope you are feeling good this week so far, you are half way through these treatments. We got to see your brother yesterday and that was fun. Oh, we received our shirts on Monday,Fiona & Mic's wore it with pride to school on Tuesday! Doing good Kylie, we are really proud of you!
With love,
Terene,Kim,Corey,Fiona and Micah

Erik Johnson said...

Hi Kyle!

Erik and I loved reading the article about you and Jake playing football together at Husky Stadium. What an amazing day that must have been! We looked at all the pictures too. Erik was really impressed with the pictures of you running because he could tell how fast you were!

I remember watching Jake play football last year when Ferndale High was in the playoffs. It seemed like every time he had the ball he ran for the endzone and made touchdown after touchdown. The way Jake played football reminds me of how you play soccer. Last fall, it seemed like every time you got the ball, you scored! I can't tell you how many times Erik has said, "Kyle has to get better... our soccer team isn't going to get any goals without him."

Stay strong... and get better!
From, Erik's mom, Stephanie

Sheila Clark said...

You have had quite a week! Let's see if I missed anything. You got a gold medal for skiing, played football at Husky Stadium with Jake, were interviewed for both the paper and the radio and then had an amazing concert in your honor. Did I miss anything?

Everyone was so thrilled to think of you and Nicholas playing football at Husky Stadium on such a balmy afternoon. I think that stretch of warm weather was just for the two of you!

I missed sending you a message last week because my little Emma was in the hospital with a virus. She is absolutely okay now, but it just reminded me of how amazingly brave and inspirational you and your family are. We were only at the hospital for 48 hours, and it completely wiped me out. And then I hear of you skipping into your appointments. Sweet Kyle, you have so much still to teach me!

Have an amazing week. 3 down, 3 to go. Shrink bump, shrink!

Mrs. Clark

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-

I am so happy to hear that so many people came to the concert yesterday. It sounds like everyone had a great time! I know that I will get to hear all about it at school tomorrow.

We missed you at school on Friday, but I was happy to hear that you were resting up after such a big and exciting week. We had a big week at Happy Valley, too! Let me catch you up on some of the news...

First of all, I put the picture of you riding on Jake's shoulders on the bulletin board outside of our classroom. All week I had kids from every grade (some that I didn't even know!) stopping by to tell me how cool it was to hear you on the radio and to see you playing football. Everyone was so happy that you got to spend such a great day at Husky Stadium.

Mrs. D'Amelio was very busy last week filming your kindergarten friends. Some kids wrote books to read to you, and when Mrs. Kelln came to sing with us, some kids stood up and sang solos or told "knock knock" jokes to make you laugh. My favorite part of the movie we are making for you is the "Bloopers" section. I am not sure if any of my goof ups are in there yet, but I know it will make you crack up!

One of the girls in my morning class brought all of the kindergarten kids at Happy Valley yellow "Live Strong" wristbands, just like Lance Armstrong wears! Her dad wanted everyone in kindergarten to show how much we are cheering you on by wearing our yellow bracelets! Cool, huh? We have also decided that Friday is our official day at Happy Valley to wear your t-shirts. We have a shirt for everyone in our class now, so if you get to come to school on Friday I think you will be amazed at how many shirts you will see! Last week the cafeteria staff and the custodians asked me to get shirts for them, too! Everyone wants you to know that they are thinking about you.

I know that love is super powerful medicine and so many people absolutely love you, Kyle! I believe that this is going to help you feel better soon.

Stay strong this week, Kyle! I can't wait to see your smile again real soon.

Mrs. DeJong

Anne-Marie said...

Kylie! I had so much fun at the concert yesterday! You and your brother are the best dancers (Ever!) and you both really can move to to he beat. When you take little Cammy-belle to her senior prom, you're going to sweep her off her feet with your hot moves on the dance floor.

I heard a rumor that hottie Jake from UW showed up to your concert? I can't believe I missed it. Sigh. That's okay though - seeing you and your fabulous brother dancing the day away made me smile big all afternoon. You two rocked the house.

Big hugs from Anne-Marie & Chris

Serena, Montgomery's Mom said...

Hi Kyle,

Montgomery and I saw your picture in the paper and heard your interview. It was so good to hear you again!

Montgomery is looking forward to seeing you in class tomorrow. He's been missing telling jokes with you!

Thanks for sharing your online journal with us, you're such a brave and special boy. Keep up your wonderful outlook!

Montgomery and His Mom, Serena

Anders said...

Hi Kyle, my name is Anders and I go to Happy Valley! I love the shirts, I just got one today! I saw your skiing tape online. I really am bad at skiing, you are way better than me at skiing!!!

Kyle you've got the

Good luck,


Collin and Mari said...

Dear Kyle,

I hope you feel better so that you can come to school more often. I miss playing with you. I had fun at your birthday party even though I didn't ride any horses. Kyle, I'm sad that you have cancer and I think you are very brave. You are a fun friend and I like to play with you.


(Collin just told me what to type, and these are his exact words) We wish your family the very best and you are in our prayers!!!
-Mari Black

tracey c said...

Rock on Kylie! You are amazing! There isn't anything that you can't do!!! Looks like you had a blast at the Recess Monkeys!! I want to hear you sing some of the songs from the concert along with some of your break dancing moves! I've seen you shake that cute little bootie of yours! Oh...and if you have time...Comet could use another bath! Come on over whenever you want and we can wash her again!

hugs and smooshies,


Nancy Urner said...


What a fun event at the EMP/Recess Monkeys. We had so much fun and it was great to see your FAN CLUB; Kyle you have so many friends! Sounds like the event was a huge success and I know it tired us all out for a little nap time. Have a great week and know I am thinking about you.

Christin, Honey it was so great to see you. Thanks for the smiles, hugs and for being a true inspriation. I love you!

Nancy Urner

Carrie said...

Hey there Kylie,

What a fun day it was at your concert! It was great to see you there with your buddies rockin' the day away. I thought it was very cool that Recess Monkey played the Peep theme song - it is a current favorite in our house and makes us think of you. Cali sings it really loud. I asked her if she would like to write something to you and she said she would like to send you the words to the song -funny, because I'm sure you know those better than anyone. Maybe you could use your POWA to get Recess Monkey to play in B-ham, you could definetly get another great turn-out up here :) I was sure glad to hear your voice during the KIRO interview because now I can practice saying "Ooo-um-gow-ah!" the right way!

Thanks for showing us all your POWA on Saturday!

Love and prayers to you,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-

I was just watching the news with Bailey and Finn and we got to see you running for a touchdown in Husky Stadium! When you started saying your chant, Bailey and Finn started barking! I think they were trying to say "OOO-UM-GOW-AH." Maybe they really can talk!

I hope you are having a great week. All of your kindergarten friends are so excited to wear their "Kylie" shirts on Friday. They miss you so much and so do I!

Mrs. DeJong

Carrie said...

Hi Kylie,

You warmed our hearts as we watched your interview on KING last night. Ava chanted with you "Kylie's got the powa!" and said "hey, that's Kyle's family." Boy kiddo, that's some arm you've got! I said an extra long prayer for you last night and told your bump to shrink, shrink, shrink...we'll give Lulu a big scratch for you on Thursday :)

Lots of love,
Carrie & kids

Lynda Smith said...

Hey Kyle,
I was watching the news last night and right before my eyes I saw these really awesome, athletic, handsome guys...and Jake Locker was there too!!! WOW, it was you and Nicholas!! It was so cool to see you on t.v. It looked like you were having a great time. You are going to have to start handing out autographs pretty soon!!
Well buddy, I hope you are having a good week and I hope you have an even better weekend. We are all thinking of always and hope to see you soon!!
Stay strong!
Lots of Love,
Lynda, Mark, Haley, and Erika

Marnie Hansen said...

Christin, Kyle and Nicolas,

I hope that week 4 is off to a good start! Kyle, I heard about your tv interview. I looked for it on Monday and then I heard that I missed it last night. I hope it will be on again tonight so I can see it. I know Colby would love to see you on the field!

I also wanted to tell you all that it was fun to see you this last weekend. I asked Colby what message he wanted me to pass on to you all and he said, "Tell them I had a blast riding the tubes with them!"

Kyle and Nicolas, you are such great boys!
Christin, you are a true inspiration. Hope to see you all again soon!



cchute said...

We missed the news story yesterday, but I found it on KING 5's website. Great story!! You're a natural on TV!

The girls and I had fun at the concert last Sat. Sarah went to bed singing "Am-i-nal Hooouuuse" in her head. I'm glad we were able to be there.

You look great and I'm still praying that you'll feel great,too!!

Hope to see you soon.
-Carrie Chute

Cindy said...

Hey Kyle,

Congratulations! We are really glad to hear that you are done with your treatments. We sure had fun visiting with you and Nick when you came to visit the bunnies. By the way, you are very good at playing darts. We have had the bunnies in the yard a lot more since the weather has been nicer. Boy do they love hopping around in the fresh grass! Well, we just wanted you to know that we're happy that you're done and look forward to seeing you again.

Cindy, Zach & Taryn Murdzia