Kyle's Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Kyle's diagnosis & treatment plan can be viewed at: www.kylerogerjournal.blogspot.com


cchute said...

Thanks for the update...

Kyle, thought you might like to know that when I heard about that crazy tumor, I sent an e-mail to friends all over the United States, in Canada and even in Germany... and asked my friends to pray for you and your family. Hope it's a comfort to know that people everywhere are rootin' for you!!!

Have a peaceful weekend.
-Carrie Chute

cchute said...

We have a couple of things we'd like to send to Kyle... Is there an address where we can send it?
-Carrie Chute

lkuhia said...

Hi Kylie, you sound like a strong and courageous little guy and I know a lot of people are praying for you. Stay strong and know that people you've never even met are thinking and praying for you and your family.

Laurie Kuhia

Anne-Marie said...

Kylie - You should be feeling a big burst of energy and love right about now! Do you want to know why? Because my parent's SDA church in Olympia, WA is totally ALL praying for you right now. You're a pretty popular little tyke right now! I hope you have a fun weekend with your Pappa up in Bellingham. Maybe a repeat ski weekend? =)

Love, Chris & Anne-Marie

Glynn said...

Nice jump on the terrain park last week, Kyle! We'll be looking for you on the Mountain on Sunday catching some more air.
We can't wait for your t-shirts and wrist bands to arrive -- very cool logo we can't wait to wear 'em!
Powa' and high fives from the Greenan Family
Glynn, Greg, Charlie and Joey

Amy and Josh Brookshier said...


We are very good friend with your aunt Melissa. She has told me so many stories about you and your brother over the years. I also have two boys, Gabriel 7 and Matty 5. Both of them have been to Children's Hospital over the years, so I know that you are in great hands. While you are in Seattle Gabriel and Matty would like to set up a play date to throw the football around. Gabriel told me he would bring hid Duck football, and for this special occasion he would be honored to throw the ball with a future Husky. Are prayers are with you all the time!

Melissa and Cristin- let us know if we can bring over some food or help with anything

Thoughts and Prayers,

Amy and Josh Brooksheir

Mathieu Giguere said...

All our thoughts are with you Kyle..from Montreal & Morocco ! We hope this will give you little extra energy. We already know you have all the courage to face and fight this tumor. Stay strong !

tonia said...

You are part of a prayer chain that goes all around the world. We cannot wait to wear one of your famous t-shirts & wristbands!
Lord bless,
Tonia, hunter, quinn, & jack

Anne-Marie said...

Kylie - I saw your poster at TWO places today in town. You're even more famous! Your poster was at Gold's Gym and at the Sehome Starbucks! Wow, everyone is saying "Ooh Um Ga Wah, Kylie's Got Powa!" We'll be thinking of you on Tuesday!

Love, Chris & Anne-Marie

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Kyle,

We are going to be thinking about you like crazy and praying extra hard at 9:30 Tuesday!! Now, about the toenail polish. Here's the thing - I really don't like to call attention to my UGLY feet, so I rarely paint my toenails. But for you, I'm going to do it tonight. Andrea is too (of course, her feet are not ugly!). We don't have any good pink polish, but I did find metallic blue in my drawer. How does that sound?

We love you and your mama and your brother a WHOLE LOT! Hug each other for us. Ooo Um Gow Ah!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

tracey c said...

Hey you cute little monkey!! Do you think Comet would let me paint her little bird toenails pink??? Does she even have toenails? Guess what?? I talked to your mama and she said that you could come and feed Comet next weekend!!! YIPP YIPP YIPPEEEEE!!
Can't wait to see that adorable little smile of yours!
We will all be thinking of you and saying our prayers tomorrow! I know you'll do just fine, you're a SUPER HERO! We love you!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Tracey, Harold, Hazel, Blaise and Comet the Blue Streak!!!

Nick said...

Kyle, you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers all the way out here in Connecticut...stay strong little man! Ooo Um Gow Ah- Kylie's Got the Powa!

Katie, Nick, Nicholas, Jonathan

Carrie said...

Hey there sweet little Kylie,

You are in my heart this morning and I know you will be so brave...there will be many prayers for you throughout the day. I know your family is taking good care of you as are those wonderful doctors and nurses. Keep being the strongest little boy you know how and stock up on those cuddles! Ooh Um Ga Wah, Kylie's Got Powa!

Our love to you,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

Marnie Hansen said...


Thinking extra hard about you today!! Hoping everything went well on the first day. Colby and I talk about you every night before bed and send out a special prayer.

A bear hug to you all.
Marnie and Colby

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

We hope that today went well for you. There were SO many people thinking about you and praying for you!!! Andrea and I painted our toenails metallic blue last night, and guess what? When Shane saw them this morning he wanted his painted too!! He also had me paint each of his thumbnails. He calls them his Powa thumbs! I'm thinking that you are setting off a whole new trend in kindergarten toes!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

Kim said...

Hi Kylie,
I went to school with your mom a long time ago! I know that she is a lot of fun and a really good friend, so I'm sure she is taking really good care of you and making sure you smile and laugh as much as you can. Keep up your great attitude!

Christin, I was so sad to hear this news, and also so touched by the huge outpouring of support for Kylie. He sounds like an amazing boy! And you are obviously an amazing mom!

Know that, even though we haven't seen eachother in so many years, I will be thinking of you and your boys (I have two boys also, 10 months and 3) every day! If it helps, my cousin's boy went through treaqtment for a similar cancer a few years ago. It was a long battle, but he is perfectly healthy and incredibly happy. It's almost hard to remember it now, he's so completely recovered and back to his old self. I'm sure it will be the same for Kylie. You guys can beat this!!!
Kim Edberg

Laurie said...

I am making you a quilt and would like to know where I can send it?
....you sound like a very brave and fun kid...oo-um-gow-ah!!!
Laurie (Leah and Elsa's mom)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
I saw you on tv tonight (King 5) and wanted to tell you how strong and brave you are. You have a special angel looking out for you so I know you will be in good hands.Have your Mom or Dad email me because I want to tell them about something that I think will help you through all this and it tastes great!
You are in my prayers.