Kyle Roger

Those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Kyle, already know without a doubt what an amazing kid he is. But for those of you who have not yet had the privilege of meeting Mr. Kylie-Wylie, here's a little info:

First off, Kyle attends two schools! He spends his mornings at the Cottage School with his teachers Amy and Allison. He then makes his way to Afternoon Kindergarten at Happy Valley Elementary with Mrs. DeJong. Kyle has many friends at both schools. He is as smart as a whip and might have a future in banking, given that one of his favorite pastimes is counting money!

Kyle is an excellent athlete. If he decides not to become a banker, we expect to see him on ESPN in the X Games or in a Husky Football uniform. He loves to ride horses, swim, ski, ride his BMX bike, play soccer and basketball. When not on the field, slopes, court, or in the pool, Kyle can be found playing games - especially monopoly. He has 3 different monopoly games - regular, Star Wars, and Spongebob! He also enjoys Monkey Snowboard on the Wii.

Other attributes that make Kylie special: He loves ice cream sundaes with extra cherries. He likes to make up songs. He likes to sneak into his mama's bed in the middle of the night. And he loves to paint his toenails. Right now they are bright pink!

Kyle is such an outstanding kid and has made an marked impact on so many people in our community; please feel free to refer others to this blog. Only good can come from having more people cheering Kyle on! Ooo-um-gow-ah! Kylie's got the powa!


Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hi Kyle and family,

Your mantra has caught on in this house! Every time we think or say it (which is A LOT), we are sending you power and sending a prayer. You have always touched everyone you meet with your spirit and your joy, and now you are touching people who haven't even met you yet!

We love you all!

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane

tracey c said...

Kylie Kylie you make us smiley! I bought a bag of arugula so you can come over and feed Comet! She would love to see you and so would we! We should post the funny picture of you with Comet on your head! We love you Kyle and want to let you know that you are in our hearts and in our prayers! You sure are a special little monkey and so darn cute!

We are here for you Christen, Jocelyn and Nicolas.....anything you need! xoxox


Tracey, Harold and Hazel (blaise and comet too!)

cchute said...

To Kyle and family,

I'm anxious to get my "Ooo Um Gow Ah" shirt!

Jocelyn, please let me know if there's anything we can do... We're ready to cook you a meal or two when you need it.

We're all praying for all of you.

Sending good thoughts your way.
-Carrie, Harvey, Sarah and Hannah Chute

Kathy Bare said...

May the power be with you Kyle! I am praying for you. Stay strong!

Kathy Bare

Carrie said...

Hey there Kylie!

Even though we have only caught up with you here and there over the years it is so easy to tell others who don't know you what a special and AMAZING little guy you are. Really, the list just goes on and on! I just came across the picture magnet your Super Mom made at your first b-day party with you, Nicolas and the girls sitting on the couch. We are praying for you and you are in our thoughts throughout every day...the kids have the chant down and love it! We are ready and waiting to buy shirts, too!

Our love to you all!
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

rachmyers said...

Kylie is famous! I was just sitting in the Bakerview Starbucks at a meeting this afternoon and as I was sitting there the manager came out and posted a flyer on the bulletin board - it was for Kyle's fundraiser! It really stuck out and people were stopping to read it - and to look at Kyle's beautiful face, of course. So cool to see! Much love,

Scott said...

Dear Kyle and all the Rogers,

Kyle, you and your whole family are in our thoughts and prayers.

You sound like such an incredible kid. Keep up that fight and we'll be chanting your mantra along with you.

Ooo Um Gow Ah, and lots of love,

Scott, Angie, Kaleb, and Henry Smartt

Julie, Paul, Andrea and Shane said...

Hey Kyle,

It's Julie again. Shane and Andrea wanted me to send you messages from them. Shane saw your video today, and he said it was AWEsome! He wants you to show him how to do that (he may have to learn to ski first, huh?). He also said Ooo Um Gow Ah, Kylie's got the Powa - with a big fist pump in the air. Andrea said how much fun she had sledding with you on her lap down our hill. She is praying for you and so are her friends. She also said Ooo Um Gow Ah and said "You can do it, Kyle!!"


The Davis family

Anne said...

I'm from Québec city, and I'm Stéphanie's friend.
I have been, Mathilde daycare center educatrice, and often I replace in Renaud's group....
Stephanie always speeks warmly of her marvelous nephews....
Here I am, to wish you all the best, to Kyle and his family....
I'll pray every day, until he'll be better.
Au revoir et bon courage.
Anne B. xxx

martine deschuytter said...

We have just learned the existence of the skyblog by my daughter Stéphanie who lives with Jason and Carrie at Bellingham.

We think of you in these difficult times and support you in your struggle.

We send you from Europe, all our energy and our strength for your little Kyle. Be brave.

With all our love .

Stéphanie’Mum and the whole


Marc Giguere said...

Bonjour Kyle
Tu ne me connais pas mais ton papa, Paul et Fleurette ton grand-papa et ta grand maman me connaissent. Ton grand-papa m'a appris que tu étais malade depuis quelques temps; en voyant les photos et en lisant tes messages, j'ai appris à te connaître. Tu sais surement que tu ressembles beaucoup à ton père. Ton papa et ta mamann ont eu une très bonne idée en créant ce blogue. Bravo.
Quant à ta maladie, c'est une période difficile mais tu vaincras car tu es un Roger, tu es fort physiquement et mentalement. Nous prions pour toi et ta famille. Garde ton courage. Dis bonjour à Jocelyn, Chrityn et ton frère.
A bientot, je t'envoie des énergies positives.
Marc de Québec

Dane Faris said...

Hi Kyle, it's Dane Faris-Nicolas's friend. Because you are in afternoon kintergarten, I don't ever see you but we had alot of fun at the pool last summer and will have alot of fun this summer too.Cool jump at Baker, I like to do jumps with my snowboard and I would love to play wii sometime with you. I say a extra prayer to God for you, get well. Dane

Tina Allsop said...

Hey buddy-

It always makes me smile to think about how you slide head first down the bannister into our basement and how you so kindly share your toys with Kehr when we come over even if he is really little and how you ask your mama if you can come over to "Grady's house." You are teaching everyone so much about being brave.

We are thinking of you all.
Tina, Ryan, and Kehr

eringrace said...


Guess what? I painted my toenails bright pink tonight. You would love them.

Here's a joke for you:
What do you call a fairy who hasn't taken a bath?


I think you have a new name for Cola ;) (Shhh, don't tell your mamma).

Give your mamma a big hug and a kiss for me and tell her that I love her. Love you too, Buddy!


cchute said...

To Kyle and family,

After reading notes from your friends, it confirms what little I know about you, Kyle. I'm not sure if you remember this, but shortly after your dad moved to the house behind ours, my girls(Sarah and Hannah) and I went up to sell some Girl Scout cookies. What I remember was that your dog was there (I think it's a "she") and her tail was wagging and you were very bubbly when you spoke to us. You were quite fiendly!! And, it seems like all the people who know you well confirm that observation.

Sounds like you're a "fighter", too, and that's a good thing!!! You go, man! Know that the Chute family is praying for you and the rest of your family. And, we'd love to help in any way we can.

Blessings to you all,
Carrie, Harvey, Sarah and Hannah Chute

Marnie Hansen said...

Hi Kyle,

I am thinking about you a lot! I hope we will get to see you out on the soccer fields this spring! You concentrate on getting better. I will miss you starting the dog pile on me at practice. Use all of your amazing energy to fight this! I know you will!! GO KYLE--OOH UM GOW AH....Kyles got the powah! Just remember your team is cheering you on!

Coach Tony

cchute said...

Oh! And, guess what else?!! Sarah and Hannah went to Little Epistles had Mrs. Thompson in preschool, too!!

Imagine that!!
-Carrie Chute

Marnie Hansen said...

Hi Kyle,

I wanted to send you a message again today! I have not stopped thinking about you and your mama. Lean over and give her a kiss on each cheek for me. I wanted you to know that your poster is up everywhere. Your teacher had one at Happy Valley. My friend said there is one up at Carl Cozier and my sister is a teacher at Fairhaven Middle School and she is talking to her students about how amazing you are. The whole soccer board for Southside Soccer also talked about you last night! I just wanted you to know that you are so special and that you have so many people supporting you and cheering you on!



Sati, Jim, Nikhil, Neha said...


Nikhil wants to know if he can come visit soon. "Do you have any Pokeman cards with you?" he wants to know. "Because I want to trade."

Neha has a picture she drew of you and her. We will bring it to you. Neha says: "Dear Kyle. I miss you. The days have been long when you haven't been at school. Every day has been passed by. And then the days have happened too long. Can't wait to see you soon. I love you. Love, Neha."

Kylie, we love you SOOOO much!

Amy Slusher & Family said...

Hi Kyle,
I wanted you to know that a friend of mine put up one of you posters at Carl Cozier yesterday. That same friend also said that St. Paul's has one up as well. All of the kids are thinking about you and sending you their love and prayers. Sage prayed for the first time ever last night. We prayed for you to have the courage and determination to beat this thing! When we made the Build A Bear (Champ--unless you renamed him since you got him) each of your teammates wanted you to know how much they care about you. We all know how great you do on the basketball court and I'm sure you will do just as good at beating this!
Love, Amy and Sage Slusher

Sati, Jim, Nikhil, Neha said...

Oops - Neha was not through! She also says "Do you want me to bring you some nail polish? Also, I will tell you my new joke!"

Kylie, we are sending you many good thoughts, all day long. Just imagine those loving wishes zooming down I-5 from Bellingham ... to you!

Lots of love from your friends Nikhil and Neha ... and their mom and dad.

DG said...


I just heard that the sneaky pants puller is looking for you. Better keep your hands on your pants.


Grace said...

Grace from the Cottage School wants to say, "I like playing doggie with you at school. Remember when the mean doggie, Seth, sratched you? I like when you brought that dragon for sharing--the one with glass wings and green stripes."

See you later alligator,


JAckie Ryan said...

Hello Mr. Kyle Ooo Um Gow Ah,
I am your basketball coach Sara's Mom. Did you now that when Sara was a little girl she had a tumor like yours in her tummy? Well she did. We took her to the Doctor and to the hospital and guess what?
Ooo Um Gow Ah!!!! She got tough just like you and got better.
You are such a brave and tough guy.
We love you, Buddy, and are holding you in our prayers. Jackie Ryan, Coach Sara's Mom

Susan said...

Hi Kyle,
You haven't us...I work with your Aunt and my son Sam had his 1st Grade class write you a card. You are a very "cool dude" and we're sending you lots of good vibes for doing such a great job with all of this! We're sending lots of hugs and high-fives your way here in Snoqualmie.
Love, Susy, Dave & Sam Larson

Michelle said...

Hi Roger family!! Kyle you and your brother are amazing children. I have thought that since the day I met you at the gym. I love your catch phrase, I will have to start using it around the house. I know you are a fighter and you have such a wonderful family to support you along with many many friends. Stay strong and you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Christin if you need anything at all please let me know. I miss you guys and would love to see you soon.

Much love,

Whitner2 said...

Kylie, what a strong and talented boy you have become! I'm sure you don't remember me but I used to babysit you and Nicolas a few years ago. I still remember how good I would sleep after an evening of trying to keep up with the two of you! I know that you will use that same vim and vigor to smile and brave your way through the times ahead. What a great family you have supporting you, you all are amazing. Our prayers are constantly with you, Ooo Um Gow Ah!!!

Love and "High fives all around!"

Whitney, Nate and Nevaeh

cmurd1 said...

Hey Kyle and Nick,

The Lightening (Nick's team) met for their 1st soccer practice last night. Everyone missed seeing you and Nick. The guys are meeting for practice at Lake Padden every Friday at 5:30 if you ever want to stop by and kick the ball around. I'd be happy to play a little one-on-one with you some more! Taffy and Rain Cloud are doing great. I think that Rain Cloud is the funniest rabbit I've ever met. He has such a personality. Whenever I go to feed them or visit, he climbs up the side of the cage, rubs his face on the wire and thumps his feet. You and Nick can come and see them any time you want. Taryn sure has your mantra down. She sings it at the top of her lungs all the time. Of course, she's only 3 so she usually gets the words mixed up - it's very cute. We’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures at Husky Stadium and EMP. You’ve been a busy guy. Well, we just wanted to give you a bunny update and let you know that we’re thinking of you. Pretty soon it will be summer and we'll all be back swimmin' at the pool. Can't wait! Hope to see you soon.

Cindy, Mark, Zach & Taryn Murdzia

Anonymous said...

bonjour Kyle et sa belle famille!!!
J'ai su l'histoire de Kyle il y a 2 jours, lors de mon stage avec Stéphanie. Depuis ce temps, je pense constamment a vous...
Kyle, petit homme!!! tu es désormais dans ma pensée et dans mon coeur et biensur,dans mes prieres a tout les jours. Jocelin, Christin et Nicolas, vous entourez Kyle de tout votre amour et vous êtes, semble t'il une famille tres unis.Je pense a vous et penserez a vous, tout au long de votre cheminement. Je vous envoie beaucoup d'amour!!
Nathalie de Québec

Anonymous said...

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