It's a Beautiful Day...

We shared a beautiful day remembering Kylie. Surrounded by people who Kyle had touched in some way, his collections, his artwork, and his endless spirit. If you weren't able to join us we have attached the video tribute put together by Gil Lund. It is a snapshot of a life that overflowed with smiles, laughter, adventure, and love.

Kyle Roger Memorial 2/16/2009 from Gil Lund on Vimeo.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, sent us good thoughts and wishes, brought us dinners, walked our dogs, ran to the grocery store, shuttled to and from Starbucks, and so much more. We are sincerely grateful.


Kaitlyn said...

HI Christin and Nicolas! I love this video! I will always miss Kyle. Cant wait to see you on friday at the game!

Kailtyn Mark

Jill DeJong said...

Thank you Gil, for honoring Kyle in such a perfectly beautiful way. You captured Kylie's spirit and gave all of us something to cherish.

With gratitude-
Jill DeJong

Kathy said...

Incredible. Thank you.

Tiffany Gutierrez said...

It really was a beautiful day spent with so many people who loved Kyle. Thank you for giving us another look at his life in pictures. I especially loved hearing his voice...seeing him dance...smiling with all his friends and family. Thank you!

haleyl25 said...

Thank you for the wonderful memories of Kylie. We are so grateful for the gifts he gave everyone, from those very close to him to those who had not met him. It is truly amazing how many lives he touched.

Our love and prayers,
Carrie, Jason, Cali, Max & Ava

Tina Allsop said...

We were truly inspired and awed by the grace and poise that Nicolas, Christin, Dennis and everyone else who spoke at the memorial exhibited. It was a day to cherish from the video with Kyle's adorable voice mails to the chocolate fountain to the Locker's Ferndawg mobile. We are lucky to have you as friends and are inspired to live each day to the fullest by the example you've set.
Tina, Ryan, Kehr and Emma

PHDavis said...

You already know how much we love you all and how much we miss Kyle. I don't know if you can ever really know how you have changed our lives on a daily basis. The example you have set has encouraged me to say "yes" more often... to the park, to the beach, to one more story, to "watch this mama" ... I can't even count how many times someone has told me that they are a better mom because of you. Not just how gracefully and beautifully you lived the last two years, but the way you live every day. Kyle's "brain bump" didn't make you the amazing mama you are - it just made your strengths visible to more people.

Kyle will be in our hearts every day, just as you will be in our prayers every day.


Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the awesome tribute to Kyle. What a beautiful child, family, community and friends. May your heart and soul find some peace and comfort in these beautiful memories

Anonymous said...

It's been my pleasure to walk Lulu and Cooper for you. It feels good to be able to help out in any way I can, but more so because I have had the opportunity to get to know you better. What an amazing and beautful person you are! Kylie's memorial was beautiful and one I'll never forget. Thank you for your bravery, strength and perseverence. What an inspiration you are.

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

Just want you all to know that you're still in our thoughts and prayers...

And, Nicolas... our family is getting a puppy soon. We'd love to have you meet her. :-)

-Carrie Chute and family

james said...

Hi, my name is James Whisenhunt. I had the pleasure of working with Kyle as the YMCA site director for Wade King Elementary during the first few months of the year.

My prayers are with you and your family through these times. Kyle certainly has touched my heart, as well as many many other people.

I will be participating in Relay for Life in the next few months, and want to dedicate my participation to Kyle.

His story has truly touched my heart in ways I could not believe possible.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

It was a truly beautiful memorial! Christin, Nicholas and everyone that spoke in honor of Kyle, you were simply amazing. Thank you for the video! We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Kyle.


Marnie, Tony, Colby and Mac

Robin Gilster said...


I don't really know you - I have just spoken with you one time - and I never had the opportunity to know Kyle - (my daughter knew him briefly through school - she is in Mrs. Linscheid's 2nd grade class next door) but I just feel the need to write to extend my heartfelt sympathy for your family's loss. I am amazed at how you handled such a tragic situation with so much grace and strength. You have set an incredible example for parents to follow and have reminded me to appreciate every moment I have with my children. I'm so sorry for what Kyle had to endure, but despite everything he was obviously very lucky to have you for his mom. Best to you and your family...Robin

Emma said...

All I ever wanted out of Kylie was to see him smile each time I saw him. The day I first met him I new he would acomplish great things. Each time I begged to see him when he was gravly ill all I wanted was to hold his hand and be with my BROTHER. I love him more than anything I own.

Malory said...

You are a remarkable, unforgettable, amazing, beautiful, literate, knowledgeable (sp?) and one of a kind. Your trials and tribulations have taught many hearts to feel. I want you to know that no matter how you are feeling, how distant or lost.... just know you are loved. Keep it up Christin... You are unstoppable.
Love and Smiles

Hieu said...

sunsets and dragonflies :)

Malory said...

Each day passes and I wonder to myself how you are doing. How you are feeling, if you are smiling, if you need anything or if you would even ask if you did. You are a pillar to me- a maker of straight paths. I long for the courage and understanding that you exemplify. I hunger for a way to make you see how much you mean to those around you. I should be working right now- but all I can do is think of you. Every moment before was a blink of an eye and now I'm sure the hours and days have blended into one. To find yourself in the midst of craziness and chaos... in the reflection of a woman you once knew I hope you know that I am living more now because of you. To know you and hug you to me is a blessing and without you I wouldn't know me. Keep on keepin on.... you are amazing.
More love now than ever

Shannon Alward said...

I've never met you or Kyle, but viewed the tribute posted. All I can say is that Kyle has wonderful parents (you) and that he was extremely lucky to have gone on so many adventures and to have experienced such a vast array of activities during his much too short life. What an incredible honor to your son! Thank you for sharing this!

Malory said...

You are very brave Christin, for letting so many people into your heart and emotions- it is not easy to do. Affraid and confused is probably a good start to how I feel. I am affraid that these messages aren't doing what they are meant to do- inspire you. Like you and your family have inspired so many strangers that haven't gotten the blessing to meet you or see your shining smile. I am confused on where to go from here- all the while knowing that I am here for you always no matter how much you may hate the world for the things they so oftenly take for granite..... I have a great deal of me that has been learned recently- even more so within the last couple of months- more than ever before in my life. I think about you constantly and even if you don't read your messages anymore I hope you can feel surrounded with the love I so wishfully am sending your way. It is not hard to know how to support someone that has encountered situations you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy- even more hard to think that it could've been any of us. But God wisely - I believe - chose the people he wanted to surround you with.... we are all still here. I miss seeing you in the cafeteria and blowing your infamous kisses my way- your smile- your hug- I know you're exausted and need more mental rest now than ever but breathe deep and know you can. You are you and thats the part I like the best....
Love and Smiles

Megan H. said...

hi christin-
I miss kyle!
I miss you too!
I Love you!
how are you feeling?
are the bunny's geting nice and big? hope to see you sooooooooooooon!
Megan H.