On our way home!

Kyle remains true to form. Yesterday, just a day after neurosurgery, Kyle had recovered enough to be released from Seattle Children's! But since he has a check-up with Dr. Olson this afternoon (Wednesday) and then starts his next round of the clinical trial chemo, we opted to stay at "grammie and grampie's" for a night. 

After chemo we are hitting the road back to Bellingham because Kyle is anxious to get home! He is feeling pretty good today although he is sore from the surgery and still a bit wobbly when he walks around. He spent the morning painting with his grammie. Then took a good, long nap after a late second breakfast. He has really enjoyed reading the notes that have been posted to his blog and is hoping to find some cards in the mailbox when he gets home. And I think he is also looking forward to playing Webkinz on the computer...the internet connection at grammie's house isn't fast enough for many of the games! He misses his dogs too!

We still aren't sure how long it will be before Kyle is ready to head back to school, but I am sure that he will be pushing the issue after the weekend!

Thanks for checking in and if you have time to write a note I know that Kyle appreciates it.


Tiffany said...

Hi Kyle,

Wow! You are so amazing! I can't believe you are already home! Well, actually I can, it is you after all. We are getting excited to come and visit with you. We will give you and your mom a call tomorrow and see if you are up for some company. Stay strong our friend.

We love you lots.
Tiffany and Carson

3wallins said...

Kyle and family- I know your mom through Tracy C. I had a feeling that I needed to check your blog today and I'm glad I did because it looks like today was a huge day for you. You are such a brave person and it is so apparent that your family is crazy about you. I see that you and your brother started school at Wade King. My daughter Naomi is in kindergarten there and I hope we run into you all sometime soon around the school. We send you happy healing wishes.
Christina Wallin

joelle said...

Hi Kyle,
You are such a strong, brave boy. I hope you will feel better quickly after your surgery so you can get back on your scooter and on the soccer field. Sending lots of love and strong thoughts you, your mom and your brother!

love, Joelle

Amy said...

Hi Kyle,
I am friends with your Mom. I met her right after you were born. IYou are totally amazing! I can't beleive you are already home. I have no doubt that you'll be feeling well enough to go back to your fancy new school soon. Say Hi to your Mom for me!

Sending good vibes your way!
Amy Terrell

D Gordon said...

Hey Kylie,
It's just your proud Grammie writing to let
you know how much you continue to amaze
all of us. Wow....I could not believe how brave
you have been all week. Yesterday, after many
tries to find your vein in both your hands, when you had really had enough vein poking after this
week, you bravely sat while they finally found
a vein in you arm. Great job!!! I miss you already.
Lots and lots of love...Grammie

Melissa said...

Hi My Kylie

I hope you are feeling even better today. I miss you and Nicolas already! I'm counting down the days until I get to see you guys again.

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you, Nicolas and your Mama.
Love you!

Erica Horton said...

Thinkig of you, Kyle, and sending positive thoughts your way each and every day!

Brenda said...

Hi Kyle,
Did you know you have 1/2 million hits on google? I guess that means alot of people think about you and are sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Josh wanted me to write this for you: Hi Kyle, I hope you feel better soon and can ride your bike and have fun with your friends. Love,Josh

Jill DeJong said...

Hi Kyle-

Welcome Home!!!

I hope you are feeling better and better each day. I am sure that you are anxious to get back to school because I know how much you love to be with all of your friends.

I am super proud of you, Kyle. You never give up and that is what makes you such a strong person.

Say hi to all of your family for me and give your mom a big hug. I really miss seeing both of you. I am thinking good thoughts for you everyday!

Lots of love-
Mrs. DeJong

The Hall's said...

Hi Kyle,
Room 6 just isn't the same without you! Can't wait until you come back to school. See you real soon!
Your friend,

carson said...

Hey Kyle,
I am glad you are back at school. I really missed you. Thank you for showing me caring when I fell down today. Your mama was nice to me too. Can you believe she kissed me. :) Your scar was pretty cool to see and touch. So glad that you are back.

Tina Allsop said...


You are the bravest kid we know. Your mom is also the bravest mom we know. Hopefully, we can see you soon. If you aren't going to the game this Saturday, maybe we could watch Jake and the Huskies kick some Stanford bootie!

Lots of love to you guys. Tina, Ryan, Kehr, and Emma