The meaning of friendship

Erik and Kyle drop off donations at Seattle Children's Hospital

As the school year was winding down our lives were crazy researching new treatment options for Kyle. That's when Kyle's friend, Erik Johnson, , decided he needed to help. He wrote a touching letter asking forfor donations to Seattle Children's Hospital for brain bump research. He told his mom he wanted to raise $10,000! Although his mom tried to temper his lofty goal to $1,000, Erik couldn't be swayed. At the end of one week he had raised over $1,400!

Erik joined us on our next trip to Children's for Kyle's check-up where he and Kyle presented the money to Dr. Olson and the hospital's donation administrators. It was the most fun we'd had at a check-up! Erik and Kyle were cracking everyone up.

And Erik isn't satisfied yet! He is still going for the $10,000 mark and I am asking for your help. Read Erik's letter and forward it to anyone and everyone you know. Donations are directed to Dr. Olson's research through Children's. Children's will send a receipt for any donations greater than $10 (the receipts are mailed to the address on the check unless another address is provided).

If you are interested in making a donation please send a check made out to "Children's Hospital" with "brain tumor research" in the memo section to:

Erik Johnson, 1916 South Colby Court, Bellingham, WA 98229

For updates on Erik's fundraising progress you can email his mom, Stephanie, at stephbrianerikcole@yahoo.com.

Treatment for DIPG has not improved or changed in more than 30 years. Donations made to Dr. Olson will help him find a way to improve the prognosis for kids with DIPG and other pediatric brain cancers. Government budget cuts are severely affecting the National Cancer Institute's ability to fund new research. This was crystalized for me when Seattle Children's was dropped from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium. While Dr. Olson and his colleagues are hopeful Children's will be reinstated as a self-funded institution, it is a tremendous blow for Northwest kids with brain cancer. Kyle and others will now have to travel to San Francisco or Chicago for inclusion in PBTC clinical trials. For families already feeling financial constrains of medical bills, this is a quite a blow. Not to mention the emotional toll on kids who may have spend their remaining months away from home, family, and friends.

Thanks for your continued support. Your donations to Kyle's fund have enabled us to continue with treatment with less concern for what our insurance with cover. It is a gift to Kyle's emotional and physical well being. Thank you.


Rachel Myers said...

Thanks for sharing that story. What an inspiring tale and a generous little soul. Kyle, I think good, healing thoughts for you every day. Much love to you and your family.

xoxo Rachel

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that Kyle, being such an extraordinary boy has such an amazing friend. I am sure each boy will achieve their goal. Good thoughts and many prayers coming your way.

tiffandjon said...

Hi Kyle,
Wow! What an amazing friend you have! We heard you get to be the police chief for a day. Jon is hoping you can give him a promotion. We miss you and are sending our prayers your way. Stay strong our friend.
Tiffany and Carson

Carson said...

Hi Kyle,
I hope you have fun sailing with your mom and friends. Thank you for inviting me to swim with you. I had so much fun! I am glad we are friends. I pray for you every night. Stay strong and healthy and I hope to play with you again soon. Maybe we can take you around the new school. Our school is so cool!
Your friend, Carson

Erik Johnson said...

Hi Kyle!
We just added up how much money we've raised with the funraiser for brain tumor research... The total is... $3175!!! Wow!!! There are so many people who want to help you and other kids with brain bumps!! See you tomorrow!! Water balloons and Legos!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Erik

Sidney B. said...

Hey kyle,
I was just looking at your website
and I just want you to know my family and I really want you to win this fight.