Bellingham Bells Home Opener!

The boys and I went to the Bellingham Bells home opener on Friday. Kyle's buddy, Jake Locker, is playing center field for the Bells this season. When we arrived at the game Kyle wanted to find the “Ferniemobile” (the RV they use for tailgating, actually the Ferndawg) in the parking lot. He wanted to say hi to Jake’s mom and dad. Jake’s family is always so gracious to Kyle, they grilled him up a burger and gave him lots of hugs. Nicolas had already met up with his buddy Dane Faris, Dane's mom, Sam, and little brother, Hudson. They snagged us great seats and were waiting for the game to start.

It wouldn't be Bellingham without some crazy weather! It had rained all day Friday, but the sun broke through about 2 hours before the game and it actually felt warm! We arrived at the game in t-shirts, but by the time our friends, Shane, Andrea, Julie, and Paul, arrived we had added the first of many layers. By games end we all looked like the kid from “A Christmas Story!”

But the cold didn’t stop the fun. Nicolas, Dane, and Kyle all did the Chicken Dance (video above) on the field between the 5th and 6th innings, Dane cleaned the bases between the 6th and 7th, and Nicolas ran the Dizzy Bat Race between the 7th and 8th. It was a really fun night, even if the Bells lost 11 – 1. Of course Kyle, who's glass is always half-full, looked at the score and said, “It’s actually not that bad, they only have one more than us!”

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