Happy Halloween!

Okay, Halloween has come and gone, but we have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to update Kylie's blog. Time since Kyle's last MRI has flown by. The boys have been busy with soccer and school. They are even taking French lessons so they can talk with their cousin when they visit Quebec. For Halloween Kyle dressed up like Peep, his favorite cartoon character and the mascot on his t-shirts. His friend Campbell dressed like Peep's best friend Chirp....together they looked AMAZING! So cute! We will post photos soon.

Kyle had a check-up with Dr. Olson at Children's on Halloween afternoon. He wore his costume and cracked everyone up. It was quite a feat to take out all his stuffing for his monthly weigh-in. The check-up was great. Dr. Olson says Kyle is as strong as ever and still showing no symptoms of the "brain bump." What a great thing to hear! We quickly jumped back in the car and headed home for trick-o-treating!

Thank you for your continued prayers, positive thoughts and encouragement. Please keep them coming. We are strengthened by the support we feel from all our friends, those we know and those we haven't had the chance to meet yet.

p.s. If anyone is planning on attending either of the next 2 Husky home games, be sure to visit the new Husky Legends Center. They have a video with Jake Locker and Kyle that we can't wait to see! We are hoping to make it to at least one more game this year...Go Dawgs!

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Melissa said...

There is nothing I like more than to see my two favorite boys tailgating at a Husky game! Love you all, can't wait to see you soon.