Ooo Um Gow Ah ... What a Day at The Pool!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy summer schedules to join us for a wonderful day at the pool! Not only did many dedicated kids swim hundreds of laps, but we also shared a great night of cannon balls off the diving board, a bbq dinner, volleyball in the pool and a raised money for the Kyle Roger Fund!
Thank you to the Bellingham Golf and Country Club, the pool staff, and all Kyle's friends and supporters for making it a great event that Kyle will remember and cherish for a long time to come.


Anne-Marie said...

Chris and I will be there and can't wait to see you and your brother win the swim a thon! =)

Love, AM & C

Hieu said...

jroger! hope things have been going well :) i think about kyle and you everyday with my bracelet that i still rock. people keep asking me about it and i never hesitate to tell them so im sending my good vibes your way :) stay in touch and talk to you soon!

-doughhhh [tsunami08 still remains at #1)

Erik Johnson said...

Hi There Kyle!
I saw the pictures of you surfing! That was sweet! Come on down and play one day when you are home. We have some fun water squirters and will get more water balloons too! We have a new puppy named Ellie too! See you at the pool on Thursday!
Love, Erik

eringrace said...

Hi Kylie!!!

I am SOOOO excited to see you on Thursday at the pool party. The pool, food, and the Roger boys, what could be better than that? Wanna hang out on Friday too? Cuz I want to. Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to see you, Kyle, and Nicolas, at the pool, relaxin' and enjoying the day. Thanks for the snuggles before the big BBQ. Zander had a good time in the pool, too.

Thanks for being gracious hosts and we were inspired by all those laps everyone did.

Keep enjoying your summer,
Zander and Tess