"We all had such an amazing time in Florida. Our days were filled with fun activities and always started with a magnificent sunrise at the beach. We then had breakfast followed by our daily tennis matches with Grand-Papa. The boys impressed us with their natural ability to return the ball. They took to the sport and I'm sure we'll be visiting the courts here regularly. Our mornings usually ended with a refreshing dip into the pool. Following a quick lunch (Grand-Maman's "Sloppy Joes" were definitely the week's favorite, Nicolas practically inhaled them!) we were off to the beach. Kylie and Colas had an absolute blast in the ocean. They loved tackling the waves, watching fish swim through the top of the waves and even riding the waves on the boogie board. Of course, we also collected many sea shells and even seeds from shoreline plants, 697 seeds to be precise! (Kyle loves to count things!) We often ended our afternoons at the beach with a peaceful nap on the sand and pleasant dreams brought by the sound of crashing waves. It was simply fantastic."


Jill DeJong said...

I was so happy to see some of your Florida vacation pictures posted this morning! I had a good idea of what your trip was like from the great book you wrote and read in the Author's Chair at school, but seeing you having such a wonderful time with Nicolas and your Dad put a huge smile on my face!

It was so nice to have you back at school all week. I loved watching you reach your goal of making all of those lines inside your rainbow shapes. You never give up, even when something feels hard. You are always ready for a new challenge and you always finish what you start! This is one of my favorite things about you. That and your great sense of humor. It was so good to laugh with you everyday!

I hope you are enjoying your sunny weekend. We had a fun birthday party for Bailey and Finn yesterday. I will bring some pictures to show you of them wearing their party hats!

See you soon, friend!

Mrs. DeJong

Brent & Becky said...

Kyle- We're so glad you had fun in Florida. Jordan misses playing with you, but does not miss radiation! We hope we can get together with you sometime when you're in Seattle. We live right by the beach. Maybe we can go for a picnic!
Becky and Jordan

Christin: Hope you are doing well. We think about you guys a lot. Email us if you want to get together sometime when you're down this way. brent_busby@yahoo.com.
We're praying for your family, Becky

Kristi Lee said...

Hi Christin:
I just came across Kyle's blog recently. I am so happy to hear that things are moving in a positive direction and Kyle is able to run on the beach in sunny Flordia.
Give the little squirt a hug and high-five from me - it's been too long since I've seen him at the gym.
I am here for anything you need, anything at all. You are all in my heart& prayers. All my love and positive vibes, Kristi Lee

Lindsey said...

Hi Kylie!

I just wanted to drop you a little note because I've been thinking about you a lot and wanted you to know it!

Have you been to the pool lately to show off your expert pull touches? I hear the weather up there in Bellingham has been really really sunny the last few days!

I miss you! Tell your mama and Cola hi for me!

Love, Lindsey

Lindsey said...

Hi Kyle!

I've been thinking about you all week because I know you have another MRI coming up. I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know your brain bump has gotten even smaller! I just want to see the pictures to prove it!!! Take care and keep up your positive thoughts!


Love, Lindsey